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Guess who’s back? Tap Suzy The Fastest Horse In Simland is back again for his 2nd Usain Bolt award in as many starts. We may be watching a star unfolding right before our eyes here in this race article series. His SP wasn’t as fast as last times but it was still good enough to be awarded Usain Bolt of the week and it was achieved in a higher grade of race so a very exciting horse here for trainer balata.

The result also puts Balata clear on top of the trainer standings as the current Fastest Trainer in Simland.

Congratulations also to Haack who gets his first entrant having trained the fastest 2yo of the week. Nice breeding from a handy he-dam has gotten the result as well as excellent race management. Could we be seeing this colt on the KY Derby trail…… I’d say so but we’ll have to wait and see where Haack wants to point him.


Meanwhile as witnessed last week Skunkbarn has claimed to be the fastest trainer of 9f horses in Simland and why not after winning the Usain Bolt last week. He may just be onto something with his Danehill x Halo backends. Skunkbarn is still the only trainer to have won an award outside of the distance range of 8-8.5f which seems to be where all these horses keep showing up at.

‘I’ve got the 9F freaks covered. Roxy Epoxy busted the curve winning a G3 then G1 in his 8th and 10th career starts with twin 122s.’

- Skunkbarn


Each week Zapspride posts his ‘Top 25 Speeds of the Week’ article which lists (as the name suggests) the fastest 25 horses in Simulated racing as well as the 25 fastest 2 year olds.

Here we take a look at the raw data to see what (if any) patterns emerge from the fastest horses in the Sim.

‘Usain Bolt’ is the weekly award given to the fastest horse in Simland while ‘Billy The Kid’ is the weekly honour to the fastest 2yo.



My whole analysis is based on 12 ‘factors’. The first 6 are TRAINING factors and the last 6 are BREEDING factors:


1. Time Of Debut – A very important training consideration. We know that there is an in built ‘wear & tear’ factor in the game. As horses race, a little bit each time gets nipped off their lifespan. This is the simulated version of joint wear and tear and other bodily injury/fatigue sustained during a horse’s career. Does debuting a horse early really effect their ability down the track? Does the month of the debut drastically effect later output?


2. Two Year Old Runs – We are told and presume that the more a horse races then as a general rule the harder the wear and tear and most likely the earlier a horse’s career will be ended. Is this reflected in our fastest horses? Does the 2yo each week have a pattern – are they lightly raced or are they all used up as 2yo to attain the SP? Are we seeing older horses that had any races as 2yo? Many? None? Is there a pattern to in this regard to our weekly fastest horse?


3. Time Between Runs – So we all know backing a horse up at 7 day intervals really doesn’t work very well unless you’re hoping to be the Hot Race king and clean up your 2yo first 10 starts on the trot. However what is the most beneficial time between races? Many trainers suggest no less than 6, others say 4 – 6, others say so long as a minimum of 3 weeks you’ll be fine and others are of the opinion that so long as it’s not a regular thing 2 weeks is also ok. 2 year olds need to be given even longer. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Are we all right? Or are we all wrong? Who knows that’s part of the beauty of this great game that we all have different opinions and seem to be able to get the most out of our horses……. Or do we?


4. Class Drop – Did this horse drop back in class to attain the SP? Many trainers believe that dropping a horse back in class will result in an improved performance. eg dropping back from a G1 to G3 or ungraded stakes to an alw, etc.


5. Distance Drop – Very similar to ‘Class Drop’ it is thought within the sim training community that dropping back in distance can likewise yield huge improvements in performance


6. Surface Switch – Many times a horse will seemingly prefer one surface then run into a dead end of performance. This can be the game’s way of intuitively directing trainers to where their horse is best placed. I know one trainer who if their horse doesn’t win (or run very well) after 2 consecutive starts on any given surface that this is enough to make the switch. How many times racing before making the switch is an individual trainer preference however here we will look for a pattern in this aspect.


7. Current Sire Cost – Each week this will be measured based on breeding points (as credits can be unknown when being bought over 1000). The measurement will be taken at the time of writing the article so is prone to fluctuation.


8. Available on Credits – A simple measure of the 3 sires that were used in the breeding as to whether they are currently available on credits to see if there is any pattern here. Listed in the format S/DS/DDS.


9. Scratchbred or Dam – Is the horse from a mare (and if so how good was the mare? What surface did she prefer?) or was the horse bred from scratch.



10. Dosage – Many in the sim believe dosage is very important in determining performance of the offspring, while others are not so convinced. This will be a simple look at whether dosage in this case has lined up with the result seen (as I presume top SP of the week is achieved at ideal surface/distance/class for any given horse.) I won’t go into the ins and outs of dosage there are a number of great articles on dosage I’ll just post it here to allow you guys to make your own deductions.


11. Inbreeding – Is the horse inbred through the 3 x 4 breeding box and if so who to and how many times. This box I refer to is the one generated from the 3 sire panel for every horse when you click on any given horse’s 3 sire breeding combination.


12. Sire Ratio – All game sires are rated as either (R) or (S) ie. Route or Speed and also (T) or (D) ie. Turf or Dirt. Many trainers like to use different combinations of route and speed when breeding however is this playing a role? Is it important at all? Are certain combinations working better than others? Are the highest sps correlating in any way to the sire ratio. This will be written in the order S/DS/DDS as per other categories here. Likewise do mixtures of Turf and Dirt breeds work? Or does it mess horses up? Does it even matter? Or is a consistent approach better and produce more reliable results?




USAIN BOLT:      SP: 120.896

‘Tap Suzy’ (Tapit x Forty Niner x Danzig) 3yo colt. G3 Winner.


R W P S $
Career 9 5 1 1 $264,335
Dirt 9 5 1 1 $264,335
Turf 0 0 0 0 $0
Poly 0 0 0 0 $0
Sprint 0 0 0 0 $0
Routes 9 5 1 1 $264,335
Off 0 0 0 0 $0


1. Time Of Debut: October 2yo

2. Two Year Old Runs: 2

3. Time Between Runs: Random and lightly raced. As a 2yo backed up 4 weeks after debut then 6 weekly after that. Had a 3.5 month spell after his 4th career start and since then as a 3yo spaced 6 – 8 weekly between runs. 30 days since his last run which was also a Usain Bolt award.

4. Class Drop: NO. Rose to a G3 from an ungraded stakes

5. Distance Drop: NO. Same distance 8f

6. Surface Switch: NO. Dirt again

7. Current Sire Cost (BP’s): 1000/868/586

8. Available on Credits: NO/NO/YES

9. Scratchbred or Dam: Dam. Graded placed winner of over 500k on dirt. Has already produced a G1 winner by Bernadini and a G2 winner by the same sire from just 5 foals. This mare is a weapon!

10. Dosage: DI : 3.21 | CD : 0.73

11. Inbreeding: NO

12. Sire Ratio: DR/DS/DS





BILLY THE KID:    SP: 101.676

‘Eclipse Solar(Malibu Moon x Street Cry x Storm Cat). 2yo colt.  Winner.


R W P S $
Career 5 3 2 0 $118,385
Dirt 5 3 2 0 $118,385
Turf 0 0 0 0 $0
Poly 0 0 0 0 $0
Sprint 2 1 1 0 $47,770
Routes 3 2 1 0 $70,615
Off 0 0 0 0 $0


1. Time Of Debut: February 2yo

2. Two Year Old Runs: 5

3. Time Between Runs: Recent run was approx. 7 weeks but before that his 2yo season has been spaced anywhere from 9 to 12 weeks between runs. Lightly raced 2yo though started early in his 2yo season.

4. Class Drop: NO

5. Distance Drop: NO. Same distance 8.5f

6. Surface Switch: NO. All career runs on dirt

7. Current Sire Cost (BP’s): 1000/434/291

8. Available on Credits: NO/NO/NO

9. Scratchbred or Dam: HE-DAM. Graded placed stakes winner of $314k. Dirt sprinter winning 12 of 37 starts.

10. Dosage: DI : 3.36 | CD : 0.88

11. Inbreeding: YES. Mr Prospector x 2

12. Sire Ratio: DR/DR/DS








6th November 2016

Outback Kialla

Warriors Danz Ted

13th November 2016

Fear The Freak

Sand Tempest

20th November 2016

Streets of Sin

Two Dozen Roses

27TH November 2016

Darkside Will


4th December 2016

Tap Suzy

Dark Maduro

11th December 2016

Destroyer of Suns

Finally The One

18th December 2016


Crimson’s Star

25th December 2016

Ya Jackwagon

Yankee Great

1st January 2017

Tap Suzy

Eclipse Solar




Balata                 4

Robscoobi          2

Vyz                       2

Lenny271           2

Knightmare        2

Rvd                      2

Dixiedotco          2

Gcliffo                 2

Skunkbarn          2

Amir1605           1

Woodenjock      1

Asmussen           1

Lightng99           1

Jockeymax         1

Latekick              1

Haack                  1






Awesome Again  2

Majestic Warrior  1

Street Cry 1

Trippi   1

Will Take Charge 1

Distorted Humor 1

Tapit      2

City Zip      1

Medaglia D’Oro    1

Intello      1

Lawman      1

American Pharoah   1

Lonhro      1

Sea The Stars     1

One Great Cat      1

Malibu Moon    1




4. FASTEST HORSE IN SIMLAND   :  Tap Suzy  123.6724





Usain Bolt

Billy The Kid

Time of Debut

2yo: 8           3yo: 1        4yo:0

Jan-June:8        July-Dec:1

2yo Runs

0:1       1-3: 3       3-5:5       6+:

1-3:           3-5:3           6+:6

Time Between Runs

<3w:           3-4w:          4w+:9

<3w:           3-4w:          4w+:9

Class Drop

No: 7             Yes:2

No:6             Yes:3

Distance Drop

No: 7            Yes:2

No:8              Yes:1

Surface Switch

No: 9             Yes:

No:9              Yes:

Current Sire Cost

<1250:2           >1250:7

<1250:3           >1250:6

Available on Credits

YES:              NO:9

YES: 3              NO:6

Scratchbred or Dam

Scratch:4              Dam:5

Scratch:5             Dam:4


YES:8             NO:1

YES:9              NO:

Surface                  Distance

YES:8             NO:1

YES:N/A              NO:N/A

Surface              Distance


YES:              NO:9

YES:4              NO:5

Sire Ratio

YES:9              NO:

YES:7             NO:2

Surface                   Distance

YES:7              NO:2

YES:N/A              NO:N/A

Surface                  Distance

*Dosage column: Yes/No based on whether dosage indicated correct surface & distance

*Sire Ratio: Yes/No based on whether ratio indicated correct surface & distance combination based on 2/3 majority of sire ratings. eg. If 2x TR and 1 x TS then the resulting 2/3 majority being assessed would be TR. Example would be Dansili (TS) x Kingmambo(TR) x Northern Dancer(TR). (S) will be assessed as <8f.

*Current sire cost is total breeding points of all 3 sires used. I felt 1250 to be fair, allows for 250 for DDS, 500 DS, 500 sire. I chose this figure fairy arbitrarily.

*Available on credits: All 3 sires in the breeding need to be available in order to mark a ‘YES’ result.

*Billy The Kid marked ‘N/A’ for distance assessment under both Sire Ratio and Dosage as it is inaccurate to make a call on 2yo handling distance or not as a general rule.

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