Jan 072017

For the 15th year, I’m proud to present Zap’s Sire Stats!!  Once again, I’ve included the base Excel spreadsheets I used to generate the html pages, for those of you that prefer them.  Once again, if any one can/wants to post the html pages, feel free, WordPress does nothing but butcher them when I try :-|

Once again, I would like to thank Denovo for his tireless work.  The SSS files, the breeding file, the new sire list, etc.  None of this would be possible without him.

Good Luck to all in 2017





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  3 Responses to “Zap’s Sim Sire Stats 2016 Edition”

  1. Thanks again Zap

  2. Hi mate nice article musta took ages to do.

    I’ve downloaded your excel sheet and put it up on google spreadsheets so that anyone can view.