Jun 182017
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
PASS THE DRO silversun26 3yo+ G1 – The Milan Grand Prix GR Simsters
POWER GRAB skunkbred3 3yo+ G1 – The Barry Foster Blazing Saddles
SPICED TURTLE confessor 4yo+ G1 – The Prince Of Whales GR Simsters
ENGLISH MOON oldmoonfarms 3yo G1 – World Weekly News 2000 Only Stayers
REY DEL LLANO castillo 4yo+ G1 – The Saint Cloud Grand Prix Hispano Parlante
OPHIDIAN AVENGER lightning 3yo G1 – The Cremation Stakes GR Simsters
PUSSY HAT eminc 2yo G2 – The Why You Buggin Stakes Blazing Saddles
CARRAUNTOOHIL beng 3yo G2 – The St. James Tavern Blazing Saddles
TADIUS tatty4 3yo G2 – The Jefferson Davis EAAA Racing
SETTLE FOR FAME chicks 3yo+ G2 – The Winter Sprint MIDAS
WILLING CONNECTION atw 3yo G2 – The Rippleschip Stakes EWC
SAD SONG CHOICE lado 4yo+ G2 – The Longstickgoboom Stakes The Australian Conglomerate
SPECIAL INFUSION ehteam3 3yo G2 – Princess Cup The Eh Team
FOREVER MALIBU fairhaven1 3yo G2 – Trial By Night Stakes GR Simsters
BOUND TO SURFACE plainfield 3yo+ G2 – The Epicenter Empire State Racing
NYC italst4 3yo+ G3 – The Morning Julep Empire State Racing
DYLAN RICHARDS selanne1 2yo G3 – The Triple P Empire State Racing
VEYRON gcliffo0 3yo+ G3 – The Noble Spirit Racing HQ
NQ POWER pekays12 3yo+ G3 – The CBC Sprint All-Stars Racing
NAKED LAWSUIT 4amigos4 4yo+ G3 – The Coupe Blazing Saddles
SOUDELOR irt1 3yo G3 – Denny Tario Oaks Kentucky Horsemen
GOBSTOPPER quilly8 3yo+ G3 – The Whole Time Universal Racing Club
MUTANT POWERS sicko 3yo+ G3 – The Eastwood Blazing Saddles
JUDDMONTE EXPRESS liddleski4 3yo G3 – The Queen’s Flower Pot Empire State Racing
AFLEET NINER dontbetonme14 2yo G3 – Butterfly Futurity Racing HQ
AWESOMALIAN durkastan11 3yo+ G3 – Vogue Handicap Universal Racing Club

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