Nov 102017


All-Stars Racing would have taken home the gold medal if Breeders’ Bowl 2017 was Equinics.

In an unofficial medal count, awarding five points for winning a race, three points for running second, and one point for third, All-Stars Racing did best as a team in this year’s Breeders’ Bowl. ASR members brought home four gold medals, along with two silver and two bronze for a winning total of 26 points.

Given did his best to lead the GR Simsters to a gold medal, winning three of four BB races he entered. However, even with Lenny chipping in with two silver medals, the GR Simsters as a team only ended up with a silver medal with an unofficial total of 23 points.

The bronze medal went to Empire State Racing, with 18 total points.

The unofficial totals were as follows:

1. All-Stars Racing, 28
2. GR Simsters, 23
3. Empire State Racing, 18
4. Minnesota Testbarn Residency, 13
5. Blazing Saddles, 9
6. Racing HQ, 8
7. Pastures of Green, 7
8. Universal Racing Club, 5
9(tie). Northwest Racing Circuit, 3
Hispano Parlante, 3
11(tie). MIDAS, EAAA Racing, European Union Racing Organization, East-West Connection and Bargain Bred Racing Series, all with 1 point.

Two prominent residencies, Queensland Racecourse and DelPenn National, were shut out. This only proves how difficult it is to hit the board in a Breeders’ Bowl race.

These totals were compiled with an eye toward the next running of the Equinics, expected to take place in February 2018.

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  2 Responses to “If Breeders’ Bowl were Equinics”

  1. Must have missed something when was it said Equinics is done?

  2. I am so sad there will not be any more Equinics – it was my favorite part of the game. Maybe someone else will pick them up.