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Thoroughbred Review suggests that a useful number for breeders wanting to examine the quality of a sire’s progeny from the run-of-the-mill to the elite rather than just the cream of the crop, is the median earnings per starter.  The median gives us an amount that 50% of a sire’s progeny have earned more than, and 50% have earned less than. To understand this, imagine a sire with 15 starters:



In this scenario, the median earnings per starter is $40,000. This means exactly half of his progeny earned less than $40,000, and half have earned more than $40,000. The median earnings are an effective indicator of a sire’s ability to get a wide range of mares, both good and bad to an acceptable level of performance.

Median earnings are immune to heavy skewing by a single runner. The average earnings of a sire’s offspring ($/Rnr) can be misleading when considering breeding values.

Below is a list of the 3-Year Old only results of the top active 100 Sires in the Sim as displayed in a Sire Stats/Hotlist search.  The statistics were compiled using the yoss tools from his website through the Look Up Sires link and then Sire Statistics by Age.  Only Sires with 50 or more 3yo offspring were used in this study to avoid an inflated median earnings index.

The list below will display the median dollar value for each sire, the number of 3yo runners, and the number of stakes winners the sire has produced in the upper half of the median. In addition, I have attempted to put a fair breeding value on each sire making 1200 credits/bp’s the top amount spent on a sire.  I have assigned equal weight to the median and the percentage of stakes winners in the equation to arrive at the sire value.

I think you will find some of these results quite interesting even if you don’t agree with the sire values applied.  The median and the stakes % are real and even to the naked eye very compelling.


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  1. Would be interesting to see a larger sample size as this data will make Galileo and other sites who off spring need to mature and or want longer distances. I feel Galileo and Deep Impact have a lot of goals that are ran into the ground trying to sprint as 2 yr olds and never reach peak potential as four year olds going 12f-16f.

    But if you are looking for a classic sire this list is fantastic.

  2. great read!

  3. Interesting Read.
    Thanks For The Info !

  4. Why does my oasis dream suck so bad?

  5. Thanks Trot. Really good read and interesting analysis. I like the way you’ve allocated it I think those 2 factors (stakes winners and median earnings) are as good as any indicator.