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The BTB has learned that an external investigation has been launched in Delaware following record payouts after an evening race.  The allowance race in question included eight entrants with one being an extremely heavy favorite that would pay $0.01 for each dollar bet on it should it win.  This horse has not raced since June, 2012, a nearly 5 and a half year hiatus from the racetrack.  Taking on the 15.5 furlong dirt race on its return, a distance it never ran before, seemed to be a challenge for Kuribayashi, but his high speed of 97 the last time he ran was about double that of his foes, however came on the turf.  This race was on the dirt, a place the favorite had not won nevertheless, never hit the board in 8 tries.

But bettors overlooked this and Kuribayashi did hit a speed of 77 the last time he raced on the dirt, which was way back in May of 2009, a long 8 years ago.   The age of the favorite did not impact someone from laying huge sums of money on this guy who is now 12 and will turn 13 in January.

The second choice in this decent sized field was Roadhouse Sun who went off at 43/1.   A humongous gap in odds between the favorite and second choice.   Roadhouse also has never run 15.5 furlongs, the longest he has raced was 8.5 furlongs.   Although he is more focused on racing on the dirt he hasn’t raced since October 2013, a good four years ago.   Bettors ignored this and made the 8 year old the second choice in the field.

The remainder of the field went off at galaxy size odds ranging from 137/1 to 9999/1 (or infinity).  And how did the top 2 choices finish?  Kuribayashi showed a lot of rust and finished fourth with a 35 speed some 17 strides off the winner.   Roadhouse Sun finished last and may still be on the track running.   That leaves very high odd horses to take the top spots.


Third choice Stonecold Barbie got the win and paid $277.80 for the win as she wired the field.  The toteboard was further brightened with a $30.70 place payout and $11.80 for show.

Taking the second spot was Common M who missed winning by three strides.  If he won the race at the 2,477/1 odds that he went off at, the toteboard was ill-equiped to show the payout.  But it could show the $41.50 place and $12.80 show payoffs.

Mutilated Kash was third and paid $13.30 for show for an entrant that went to the gate at 440/1.

Record payouts could not be put up on the toteboard for the Exacta and Trifecta payouts.   Anyone having the exacta could now buy a very nice and expensive home as the exacta paid over $778,000.   The Trifecta would enable the winner to own the eastern coast of the United States as it paid an amazing $377,000,000.  Yes, you see that correctly, over $377 million.

An investigation has been launched as the $377 million payoff is after the track takes their rake of 25% of the pool wagered.  This would approximate over $500 million being wagered on this race.  A race that is far from being of stake quality and most people would not even watch.

So who is wagering all this money?   Why is the money being bet in Delaware, a rather low-key track where attendance was estimated at 735?  Why is it being bet on this particular race?  Why was so much money dumped on an elder horse that has not raced in years?  Obviously, internet betting had an influence and one wonders where the cash came from?  Outside the states?  Down under?  Up above?

The BTB tried to make contact with jockey T J Cox, the rider aboard Kuribayashi, to find out what happened to the heavy favorite and why the poor performance.   Cox was no where to be found and sources informed the BTB that he was seen quickly leaving the Jockey’s room shortly after the completion of the race.    While the track was closed today, Cox did not report for a mandatory Jockey’s meeting.  Track officials would not disclose the purpose of the meeting was about, however,  unnamed sources have informed the BTB that it regarded the impending investigation related to this race.

The BTB went to the home of T J Cox to find a “for sale” sign of the home vacant and the home being vacated.   Calls to his residence indicate that the phone has been disconnected.   The whereabouts of T J Cox seem to be unknown at the moment and undoubtedly investigators will want to chat with him.   Payouts of the race that is now in question are shown below.




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  1. One cannot fail to be dumbfounded.

  2. Awesome reporting as usual.

  3. Any word on the payoff of the daily double? Horse in the first race paid $74 to win. Was the rest of the card cancelled because 99% of the patrons were broke and left?

  4. I only had the exacta. :-(

  5. Just…

    Amazing and wow.

  6. LOL :)

  7. I’m upset that TJ didn’t call me, guess they wanted all the $$

  8. That’s wild – great story! I’m surprised the favorite even got into the race since his CPU Value is listed at 583, but it must have had to do with the over 5 year layoff.