2018 Bluegrass Derby Preps

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Dec 052017

2017finalAbout this time of year the Message Board begins to light up with questions about the 2018 Stakes schedule.  Below I have listed the major 2018 3-year old Bluegrass Derby prep races.  While the exact dates of these races are unavailable at the time of this publication, the list should be complete, minus the odd bought graded race that seems appear every season, in the correct month, and in the sequence in which they should appear.


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  4 Responses to “2018 Bluegrass Derby Preps”

  1. Will we ever know why Moises and Felipe are steps on the Derby path, but Matty and Jesus aren’t? C’mon man, Matty hit .342 in 1966.

  2. Now if only the Derby points system was implemented…..

  3. Thank you trotter.. . this list helps so much .. .

  4. Thanks Trot good stuff.