Jan 062018

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I have restarted a new series of articles focused on a new stable I created (Thechallenge2) with was filled with a flock of horses obtained through the auction.   In past article series I’ve done, the goal has been to achieve 1,000 BP’s within a set time frame.   This year, the challenge is amplified to obtaining enough BP’s to get a top quality sire share (hopefully we can find one in the 900-range) and then obtaining more BP’s to get a nice DS and DDS to breed a top quality 2-year old and get it raced before year end.

So with that outlined, it’s time to see how things went in the first week:

BABS SEEKING LUCK has done well in long distance cheap claimers in the past and that was my goal to use this guy.  But being unable to find a long distance race, I settled on a mile distance and entered into a $3,500 claim race.   Disappointing to see odds of 23/1 as he went to the gate but he used his late speed in the stretch and came in third, knocking off a deficit of around 13 lengths to nearly 3.   Picked up 10 BP’s.

Without knowing it at the time, RON’S PRADO was also entered into the same race with Babs Seeking Luck and dropping this guy out of allowance to cheap claiming sent him to the gate at 9/2 favorable odds.   Ron’s Prado was never a factor in the race and finished seventh.   I plan to move him back to the dirt next against cheap claimers and if he fails, he’ll be released.

I took BARK AT THE RAIN and slotted him into a $2,000 claiming race and brought him to the dirt with hopes that the surface may produce something.  He was a competitive third early on buy faded in the stretch to be out of the money.  I had the jockey setting at 90, hoping this front runner would save something for the stretch but only got him pulled off the lead and no results.  I’ve set it to 100 and will try either the poly or turf next time out.

BUGLE ROAR, I thought wanted more distance as a 2-year old.  I entered her into an 8.25 furlong race for a claim tag of $20,000 and she did not show much stamina, she did finish third and nailed her career best speed of 70.  Ok, the speed number does not look like much, but it is a big leap from her previous best of 60.  So we’ll keep her going at longer distances and try to look for a cheaper claiming tag too.   17 BP’s earned.

DEMOKEN was tested on the dirt for the first time in over a year and only the second time in his career.  The 90 speed he chalked was not bad in the cheap $2,000 claim race but not good enough to earn anything as he finished 7th.   I’m not sure yet if I will retain him or use him in a turf race.  I may move him to the farm for now as he did have 13 starts last year.


So the start was rather rough with 5 of the 10 in the stable running and only two coming in the money.  Total of 27 BP’s gives me enough to explore claiming better horses.   As for sire cards, that was a bit better with 6 cards being earned and flipping 2 F’s and 4 G’s.   So right there we can breed a low end random horse as another option.



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