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 LIGHTING OF THE FLAME 2018_html_m7470089e Equinics 2018 – Lighting Of The Torch Ceremony 

Rich in history and tradition, the Sim Community will rejoice in the ninth celebration of Equinics, kicking it off of the Torch Lighting ceremonies for the 2018 SIM Equinics. Twenty privileged residencies will compete in the true spirit of sportsmanship while honoring the memory of those who have passed on or a past event. This year is quite special as the Equinics operation has been passed over to UNIVERSAL RACING CLUB

LIGHTING OF THE FLAME 2018_html_m46cefb2c

proudly run by METALLINUT.

The sim community would like to congratulate and thank the crew at PASTURES of GREEN LIGHTING OF THE FLAME 2018_html_m5d05760a

for the Equinics ideal and its superb running over many years, we applaud you.

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Anxious anticipation resonates throughout stable and barn areas of the participating residencies UNIVERSAL RACING CLUB, BLAZING SADDLES, EMPIRE STATE RACING, ELITE RACING CLUB EAST-WEST CONNECTION (EWC), GR SIMSTERS, ALL-STARS RACING (ASR), MIDAS SIMHISPANO, RACING HQ, MINNESOTA TESTBARN RESIDENCY, PASTURES OF GREEN NWRC, MEGALOPOLIS as a feeling of camaraderie and competition spreads throughout the SIM community.  The Equinics flame represents harmony and goodwill, a common bond shared by all, a flame that will burn brightly forever. Its’ message to teach people fair play and build a high regard for cooperation and togetherness. torch3

The Equinics torch that carries the Equinics flame on its 95-day tour from Vermont to Pyeongchang County, South Korea is passed on from one torchbearer to another until all of the participating residencies have carried the lighted torch, a flame

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that illuminates a special memory throughout the Sim Community.  The Olympic flame ends its journey by lighting the Olympic Cauldron of the Games. Finishing the final leg of the Equinics Torch Relay and gracing us with the honor of lighting this year’s Cauldron is one of the longest standing members of the Sim Community, one of its’ most respected members, and one of the original founders of the SIM racing tabloid, and someone who certainly embraces the message of the Equinics, Roys

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LIGHTING OF THE FLAME 2018_html_m26c62174



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  1. Good stuff Greg!

  2. Nicely done, Greg. Let the Games begin!

  3. Nicely done Cliffo. Lets get ready to rumble.

  4. Nicely done Greg!!! I love your articles! And I would like to give Pastures a big hella for their work in the past. It has been a pleasure working w you and I hope I can fill your shoes. And also to Roys who has always been respectful to work with. Let’s go Racing!!!

  5. Indeed!