Ghost Horses

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Jan 262018

When I go to the track with my Dad he is always drawn to cheer for the GRAY horses and if he is having trouble selecting a horse to bet on, nine time out of ten he will choose the GRAY. Maybe its an age thing….he went gray when he was in his thirties so I guess he feels some kind of a connection.

In reality, at this stage in his life, my Dad’s hair is actually white. The white racehorse is a rarity however so for now cheering for the GHOST on the track is not often possible.

White animals of any breed are rare but still exist. In many cultures they hold a special place in human society and are prominent and even sacred in many cultures’ mythologies. In some other cultures they are viewed as freakish and even demonic. Recently I saw a post of a sighting of a White Moose on the West Coast of Newfoundland. It was strange to see and truly had a ghost like presence. In 2017 a rare white giraffe was seen in Kenya and was considered to be the first of its time.

On the racetrack, White Beauty in 1963 was the first horse officially registered as WHITE with the Jockey Club. Early on many white horses were used in show business or in other equestrian competitions.

Slowly we are seeing more and more of these beautiful mysterious magical horses at the track. It seems that the vast majority of pure white TBs are from Japan, so if you follow the japanese racing industry, you might be able to see a few!

Research has shown that there doesn’t seem to be any connection with color and horse success. As someone who loves to cheer for the underdog I think it would be great to see a white horse in the winners circle at the Derby.

If you aren’t a fan of white horses, feel free to send your white colts / filly’s to me and I will proudly bring some mystery to the SIM.


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