The Challenge-Week 6

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Feb 112018

Week 6 brought only a pair of runners into the starting gate.   The first was BUGLE ROAR who ran for the second time for the stable and ran again on the dirt, this time transitioning from maiden claiming to MSW.  This may have been a step up but the results were even worse.  Speed dropped from 70 to 62 and the filly finished 10th out of 12.  I had thoughts of retiring her and maybe breeding her, but she’s only three and breeding can’t happen until she is four.  For the purposes of this challenge, she’s heading to the auction.   A G-card was picked from her race.

DANCINGDUNCANKIETH made her debut for the stable and has an establish record of hitting the top three in her races.  And she did just that as I was able to keep her in Berkshire and save on any transportation costs as well as loss of BP’s.   She ran in a $10,000 claiming race going 7 furlongs.   She faded a bit in the second half of the race but strong enough to finish third.   As the field was sizable, we earned two sire cards, both flipped and were G-cards.  Much better were the 20 BP’s from the race.

With Bugle Roar departing the stable, there is now a vacancy that will be filled with BLOODY SATURDAY moving in from the farm.  He tends to like running on the lead and I’m going to encourage this by setting the jockey setting to 100 and see if this will help the horse break away from the field.  We’ll see in about two weeks as he preps for the start which will more than likely be in a low claiming race.

Sire cards are now at 4-F cards and 17 G-cards.  I’ve traded the G-cards in to get me to 7 F-cards with 2 G-cards left.  I’ve moved the F-cards forward to obtain 1 E-card with 2 F-cards and 2 G-cards after all the transfers have been completed.   I’ve cashed in and used the E, the two F and one G card to breed a three year old.  I’ve chosen the 3-year old as it would require less rest than a two year old and with the objective of The Challenge, I don’t need further delays.    I named the horse CHALLENGE OR BUST and it toes the line of The Wow Signal x Friendly Lover x Balestrini.  Not much to write home about but we’ll see what we can do with it. For now, the horse will reside at the farm.


I pretty much cleared out my sire cards and have just one G-card left.  76 BP’s are also in the portfolio.





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  1. Good question. The way the timeline worked, I had already pulled Bloody into the stable before I chose to breed with the cards.

    But I am open to the idea, so I’ve sent Bloody back to the farm (I’ll have to wait until March to use him, but I’m good with that). I have moved Challenge or Bust up and lets see what the girl can do!

  2. Always enjoy enjoy reading the updates and following your progress

    May I ask a question? / make a suggestion?

    As the object is to accumulate points as quickly as possible, why not leave Bloody Saturday on the farm (or put him back) and race Challenge or Bust ASAP, while he / she is newly sharp?