EWC Sire Showcase- Dirt Race

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Feb 152018

For more years than I can count on one hand, the EWC has had a pair of Showcase races to feature 2 year olds in their first career race.  There is a restriction with the breeding.  EWC supports a number of race tracks on the sim-circuit and the horses must be bred using a sire from that location.  Sorry, no KY breds will be seen in these Showcase races.  Towards the end of the year, the horses will come back together to compete in a stakes race.   This article focuses on the dirt race and as there are no racing histories, we’re left with looking at the breeding angle.  The race will be held in California and at a distance of 5.5 furlongs.  good racing conditions are expected with only 5% chance of rain in the forecast.


1  HOFS PATRIOT  12/1 sports the American Patriot x Empire Maker x Peace Rules bloodline.   She is one of two fillies in the field and owner Hofman went with first year sire American Patriot, who as of this writing, has not had any children hit the racetrack.  Bens Lost Love is the mother to this lady and she has had six other kids with one becoming an allowance winner.  Hofman is hopeful that the first year sire will be a winning choice and make this Japan bred filly the next allowance winner (or better) for his mother.

2  SHOWMAN OF CAIRO  7/1 was bred in Louisiana by owner Denovo who used Half Ours as the sire.  56% of the 2017 bred horses from this sire have earned wins.   The colt is the seventh to come out of stake winning mare, Moon of Cairo, with three of the kids winning at the allowance level.  Showman has a strong hitter as the DS, Deputy Minister and a lesser known Polar Falcon as the DDS.  The DDS is a bit concerning, but the sire and DS should carry the load.

3  MO LEGS  8/1  is owned by Millerfarm and was bred in Arkansas.  The bloodline consists of Mo For The Money x Speightstown x Storm Bird.  Mo For The Money is a first year sire with 3 children that have raced four times as of this writing with none breaking their maiden.  The colt is the ninth bred from Bluestown T who has produced five allowance winners.   While the sire is new to the game, Speightstown and Storm Bird on the backend of the bloodline support the dirt surface nice

4  AXIS OF EVIL HF  11/1 is owned by Hemarfarms and was foaled in NY and comes with Big Brown x Malibu Moon x Cannonade line.    He’s the fifth child from Moon Cannon and three have won allowance races.   2017 crop of Big Brown babies have won 44% of their starts with three winning listed stakes.   Malibu Moon makes a nice addition as the DS and this kid could show a nice liking to the dirt.

5  AMERICAN PI 2/1 is a bit odd, as he was bred in Australia by Kashbarn (shouldn’t that be Australian Pi, Kashbarn?).  This colt carries the American Pharoah x More Than Ready x Seattle Slew lineage.   Miss Stake is his mother and he is the fourth bred from the mare who is credited with one stake winner being produced.   53% of American Pharoah’s children borne in 2017 have won races with seven winning stake races.

6  EWC LITE TWO 10/1 was bred and gelded in Japan by owner Cuetec.  This is the only gelding in the race and apparently Cuetec signed some papers to do the procedure after downing a couple of ‘lites’.  This former guy carries the Johannesburg x Forest Wildcat x Raja Baba bloodline.  What A Wildcat is his mother and he is the 10th child.   Two of Wildcat’s children have won stake races, one of which won at the grade level.   A nice 65% of Johannesburg kids last season have earned wins and the sire ranked 27th overall for the year.   A nicely bred horse and perhaps the early gelding may bring a victory.

7  WASITMYLOOKS  129/1 is owned by Brit9 and was bred with the Dads Cap x Dr. Danzig x Big Mukora line.  The colt is out of Choral Bravado CB, a stake winning mare who has bred four other horses, one becoming an allowance winner.   Dads Cap is a first year sire located in California and already has one child that has raced twice and earning a win.   Being  bred in California keeps this colt local and that could have some hidden advantage.

8  DESERT REINDEEER 6/1 is owned by Hornedfrog and is one of the two fillies entered into this Showcase race.  AllIwantforxmas is the mother to this youngster and has bred 9 previous children with two winning stake races, one a grade races winner and three others finding success at the allowance level.   Stay Thirsty is the sire who witnessed 33% of his 2017 breedings picking up wins.  The back end consists a strong combination of Awesome Again (DS) and Raise A Native (DDS).  The tail end of the bloodline is very solid and could turn this reindeer into a winning horse..

9  EARNING MY KEEP 5/2 is owned by Atthewire who used the Japan based I’ll Have Another as sire.  This was connected with Frankel as DS and Sea the Stars as DDS.   Mowbray House was retired during 2017 and this is the first child borne to her.  I’ll Have Another watched 45% of his children pick up wins that were bred in 2017 and is off to a good start this year with three of six who have raced already breaking their maiden.   The sire leans towards the dirt but the back end of the bloodline has a strong tilt towards the grass.  Hard to guess how this will play out.


American Pi, despite being a non-American, gets the edge here with sire American Pharoah.

Desert Reindeer has a nice rear end…I mean DS and DDS that are very strong, giving him my second choice.

I’m going with a dead heat for third.  I like the DS on both Axis of Evil HF and Showman of Cairo, so I’m going with both and this may be the first dead heat in Derby Fever History.






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  1. 1st — 5 AMERICAN PI
    2nd — 6 EWC LITE TWO


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