Mar 012018


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  6 Responses to “BLUEGRASS DERBY WATCH – Volume II”

  1. I love seeing these updates. Good post and read. Obviously you put in a lot of work.

  2. Great stuff Pete. Always one of my favorite reads each spring. Many, many thanks!

  3. Thanks for the enjoyable read! Otto Over Easy is already entered in the Bluegrass Derby. The Equinics was his final prep. I didn’t want to risk his form going south.

    • It’s always interesting to watch the route a trainer takes with his/her horse on the road to the Derby…good luck with OTTO, that was a huge Equinics run…

  4. Always an enjoyable read. Thanks!

  5. Awesome Trot good stuff. I have one in the wings going to make a late play for it giddyup