The Challenge-Week 9

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Mar 042018

Entering this week, I thought I would have 5 racing.  As it turned out, 3 went into the gate as the other 2 had limited options and will be racing in the earlier part of the upcoming week along with hopefully, a few others.

The week was decent and started with MONEY BUYS POWER remaining in PA where he started for the third time at this raceway for the stable.   Not a fascinating race, holding a mid-field position throughout the race, he finished fifth and brought back 5 BP’s along with a G-card.   Keeping him in the low $3,000 claiming race, I was hopeful he would come right back after winning in his last start.  I’m a bit disappointed with the result and consider what his future will be.

DANINGDUNCANKIETH made his second start for the stable, dropping down the ladder from the $10k claimers to $3.5k and this one came on an off-track.  The conditions did not bother him as he ran third early on, pressing the two leaders, overtook one but not the other.  As the even money favorite, finishing second was nice and earned 10 BP’s along with an F-card.  This was his second week in a row where he was the favorite and maybe the third will be the charm.

BARK AT THE RAIN finally got a top  3 finish for the stable in his 3rd start.   He battled with the pace setter early on, took a brief lead before getting overtaken and finished second by less than a length in a $5k claimer.  He earned 10 BP’s and a G-card.  I’ve tweeked his early speed setting from 85 down to 80 as he loves fighting on the front and I’m hopeful to find something that help him with the late run.

Going into the week, I had three horses in the farm, one that has a 6-week mandatory rest as I swamped him in and out between the farm and stable a few weeks ago to race a newly bred 2-year old.  Anyways, I wanted to add to the farm and made three claims, hoping that one would come through.   I landed two of the three, the first being TRIP TO PLUTO who finished second in a very affordable $2,000 claiming race where he was co-favorite, losing out to the other co-favorite.  He’s a solid 6 year old turf runner with 9 wins on the grass in 33 starts, hitting the board 24 times.   His speeds have been mid-90′s and up and he can knock off a 100 figure.

The other claim was another 6 year old who is a dirt runner named POUR ME ONE LIAM.  This guy has raced on the soil his entire career with 8 victories.  He comes out of a $3k claimer where his performance was poor, finishing 6th as the 2/1 favorite.   His last four race have yielded poor results but have been in higher claiming/starter allowance tags.  To be honest, I’m a bit concerned about this one as I thought the drop into the $3k claim level would have had better results.  Now I’m stuck with him and we’ll see if we can turn him around.   He’s never set foot on the turf so that might be a place to test him, but I’m leaning more to keep him on the dirt.

After all the races have been run and the claims have been made, the stable sits with 195 BP’s and has 2-F cards and 10-G Cards.

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