Mar 162018

Greetings everyone I’m bringing you an early announcement for the 1st Bluegrass Derby Weekend 2yo Select Sale (or BDSS for short). What is the BDSS you may ask? I am glad you are interested! Interest is the first step for any journey. We are organizing a SIM wide 2yo sale to take place on the weekend of the Bluegrass Derby (the first weekend in May). The BDSS will allow those looking to sell 2yos a large market of prospective buyers and it will offer buyers a (hopefully) large selection of 2yos to purchase. Both raced and unraced 2yos will be available. Here are some of the advantages for both buyers and sellers:


  • You know exactly when a large number of 2yos will be available for purchase
  • You just lost a bunch of money on your Kentucky Derby wagers so make yourself feel good by spending hundreds of thousands of SIM dollars! See you still are rich!
  • It is likely a wide range of 2yos will be highlighted with all ranks of sires represented
  • Talk smack about your auction wins!
  • Let’s be honest, everyone loves the thrill of auction bidding. It will be a great week to pass the time between the Bluegrass Derby and the Middle Jewel (Auctions usually last a week in the SIM for horses who are bid on)


  • You know people will actually be looking at your horses for sale and it won’t be one of those..Bueller….Bueller…situations
  • Lot’s of buyers looking means you are going to get top dollar for your horses
  • Pinhook! See how much you can sell yours for and then take those dollars and put them into other 2yos that you like. OK – that isn’t exactly pinhooking but it can be the SIM version
  • Test the market for what sires are hot. Who is going to buy what? Did you see a Strong Mandate just sold for $770,000 on Wednesday? His horses are burning up the ring, what SIM sire will rule the week?
  • Use some of the broodmares sitting around! You have hundreds of mares who never get bred, don’t let their bloodlines sit inactive let someone else get a shot with their offspring.

This has the chance to be a fun, inclusive event and if we get strong participation from the SIM community you will be seeing further BTB coverage of the event. If this sounds like something you would be interested in taking part in (and really, why wouldn’t you?) then join us a buyer, a seller, or both. I plan on using some mares that I don’t normally use, including some stakes winners, with a variety of sires whom I just really don’t have the room to run with my stable space. The auction can be a fun process and this will condense a whole flurry of 2yo purchases into one wild, fun SIM week. Seems like the perfect way to carry on horse fever after the Derby doesn’t it? And who knows, maybe a purchase at this sale will one day have Derby dreams. You just never know do you? 

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  3 Responses to “Bluegrass Derby Weekend 2yo Select Sale”

  1. Great idea!

  2. I like the idea too will breed some intriguing lines for BTB intrigue…

  3. I’m in both ways. Great idea, Todd.