The Challenge-Week 11

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Mar 172018

This turned out to be a short week in racing with only two going to the gate.  It also turned out to be an interesting week with changes in the stable and farm.  Two were related to the auction and the other was a claim.

During the week, I sent MONEY BUYS POWER to the auction as he came in the money once in three starts for me.  There was quite a bit of interest with at least six individuals bidding on this horse with a final sale price of over $78,000.

A month ago, I lost TALE OF SIX CROWNS as he was claimed away from me after winning a race.  I later found out, in the chat room, that fellow writer Spinaround had made the claim.  She raced him in a higher claim level and tossed him into the auction.  I opted to pursue him and brought him back to the team for an auction price of $18,000.  We’ll be looking to run him in a lower claim race in the hopeful near future.

The week found me spending the most I have in any claiming race during this self-challenge.  I picked up NIANG from a $12,500 claiming race which also cost me a pricey 25 BP’s.   This colt seems to have found his peak and is firing off 100 speeds.   He’s a dirt runner that seems to like the 9f distance and looks to have made a turn for the better.  Starter allowance races look like a nice place to run him which will protect him from potential claims.   He’ll be added directly to the stable as I’ll be disbursing others to the auction with details following.


Two races this week which were very disappointing.  DEMOKEN is a horse I raced back in January and turned him over to the dirt, a place he only raced once and that test failed.  So this week I brought him back to the turf and running in a 7f, $3,500 claim tag race he ran a very unimpressive race and never posed any threat during the race and finished sixth in the 12 horse field.  He’s moving on to the auction and dropped a G-sire card on the way out.  He’s replaced by NIANG described above.

CHALLENGE OR BUST is a filly that was bred by exchanging sire cards.  She won her first start on the turf and this week I brought her to a dirt claiming race.  Perhaps she doesn’t care for the dirt as she finished last but did press the leader in the first half of the race.  Her speed of 65 was not impressive and was similar to her turf effort.  We did make a nice chunk of BP’s with her turf win but got zilch in this race.  She’s heading for the auction too and she also dropped a G-card from her race.  Taking her place in the Stable is TALE OF SIX CROWNS, who is also described above.


So the week was a toss away as it relates to runners, but I feel the claim acquisition as well as welcoming back Tale of Six Crowns back to the stable were good moves.  I lost 25 BP’s this week with the claim and gained a pair of G-cards.  This sits me with 7 F-cards and 2 G-cards.   My plans right now for these cards, where there are enough, is to trade the F-cards up for a pair of E-cards and exchange those for a sire share and use the share to breed with one of the two fillies I have on the team.





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