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Jockey K. Banner rode the surge of the magnificent champion beneath him to the lead in late stretch of the Aussie Queen, then looked back for the bolt of lightning he was sure was coming.

It was not.

DRAKON’S BAZOOKA was safe and SPICED TURTLE would not catch him this time. And with that, Lenny’s supremely talented son of Exceed and Excel stepped through the door and into the Simulated Hall of Fame.

The $3 million, 10-furlong Aussie Queen going 10 furlongs over the Victoria turf was the sixth Grade 1 triumph for Drakon’s Bazooka. With it, he qualifies for the Hall of Fame.

“I’m pretty psyched to get another in the HOF,” said Lenny, “and certainly happy to have earned it with such a big win.”

It takes a lot to get Lenny psyched about the Sim these days. He has dominated for so long that he has become like B.B. King. The thrill is gone.

In war, a general conquers a land but once. The thrill of victory is singular and immense. But this trainer has conquered this same Simulated territory over and over again, and grows weary in the conquering of it.

“I’ll be honest,” Lenny said. “It was the first race I’ve watched in quite a while.”

In the past 18 months, Lenny has made a drastic reduction in his Simulated operation. He has cut his number of horses by half.

Even so, his horses continue to take down the biggest races. Just last week, his NUKA DEATHMARCH won the Grade 1, $6 million Sand Castle Classic.

It’s one thing for Lenny to win a big race. It’s another to do it while denying another Grade 1 win to Given, who trains Spiced Turtle, an all-time great horse.

“I was really glad to get anothe rwin over Dan’s monster,” Lenny said. “Frankly, beating Dan is one of the things I most enjoy after all these years. He’s as good as it gets in the Sim. And I’m sure he’d say the same about beating me!”

The rivalry between Drakon’s Bazooka and Spiced Turtle now stands even, two wins apiece. It isn’t over yet. They will meet again, perhaps in 10 or 12 weeks.

“Absolutely,” Lenny said. “I told Dan if I won, I’d chase him the rest of the year. I’ll definitely find out if I can run 12 furlongs. If my guy can’t get 12f, I’ll gear up for another shot at the Windy City and Cox Plate later this year.

“To be honest, though, Dan and I are chasing Solar Song’s money record. When you think about the fact that we updated the schedule and added more turf races and a lot more money, Solar Song’s career continues to seem better through the rearview mirror.”

The admittance of Drakon’s Bazooka gives Lenny six horses in the Hall of Fame.

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  9 Responses to “DRAKON’S BAZOOKA launches into Hall of Fame”

  1. That’s just pure overkill. I mean one is awesome, 2 wow, 3 incredible. Think there should be a maximum on this now.

    Just kidding of course, incredible feat and incredible horse. Congrats to another inductee! The bar is raised incredibly high. Way to go!

  2. Congratulations Lenny ..and I thank you for all the help YOU have given me with breeding in the sim ..It seems you always have time to answer my questions..aladar

  3. Many, many thanks to Itch for his superb pre and post race coverage! One of the few things that I continue to enjoy from week to week is the great writing the sim BTB provides.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Win or lose (or get crushed) I’m definitely looking forward to the next matchup with Given and Spiced Turtle. It should be a fun year.


    • You are welcome and thanks to you for clearing your inbox and giving a prompt response so we could get the recap out quickly.

      Congrats on Drakon’s Bazooka. His stakes point total is so high as to be shocking.

  4. I’ve always said “If you want to have success on the game look what the legends of the game are doing, Lenny, Given, Cadet and others”…. it’s hard to get one, but six to the HOF…. congratulations!!!!

  5. Thanks Lenny, Dan and Itch

    Wonderful to see the re-emergence of rivalry of household names in the sim, made all the better for we mere mortals, by the superb BTB coverage

  6. Very nice coverage, congrats to Lenny, Drakon’s Bazooka has elevated himself to the very top.

  7. Great race guys, I watched this one with eager anticipation. Good pre-race coverage and kudos to both of you for taking each other on when there were a host of other races this week or next where you could have dodged each other.

  8. Unbelievable, after six seasons and I still cannot get a sniff at a grade 3 never the less H.O.F. material. Congrats to both Len and Dan for just having such superb performers win or lose !