The Challenge-Week 15

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Apr 142018

Just to rehash the goal of the Challenge series, it is to first obtain 1,000 BP’s (or close to that) to obtain a top class sire share and secondary to obtain more BP’s to get some nice DS and DDS shares to breed a horse with good qualities by the end of the year.  The year started off shaky as the stable (Thechallenge2) began with what simulated the poor quality of horses that a new player generally gets allocated.   From there, it was racing these horses and grinding out some minor spoils and claiming or buying horses in auction for better runners.   Over the last few weeks, things have improved and the BP tally has started to grow.

On to the results for this week.  I only had two runners going to the gate and both performed well.  BARK AT THE RAIN, a grass runner, gave me some challenges as I wanted to keep him within his region to minimize the shipping cost that can diminish the BP reward.  The best place I could find for him was a dirt, $5,000 claiming race.  In three starts on the dirt leading into this race,  he did not have a top-3 finish, until now.   He broke sharply out of the gate and ran along side the front runner.  As the field took to the stretch, Bark took over the lead but was run down by a late closer in a photo on the line.   I would have preferred the win, but he took the second spot and earned 17 BP’s as well as two G-sire cards.

A KIRBY PRIZE, a filly that I claimed in March out of a dirt race ran for a $5,000 claiming tag and I moved her back to the grass where she has won a large share of her races.  She added another notch to that total as she settled into a relaxing mid-field position in the 9 furlong race. The 4/5 favorite smoothly moved to the front when asked by the jockey and pulled away to a two length victory.   She earned her 7th win in 18 starts and has been ITM 14 times, a very nice producer.   37 BP’s came with the win along with a G-sire card.

I now have in my hands 5-G cards which I’ve traded up for an F-card.  As of last week, I had 4 F-cards so this now gives me 5, so those are being traded in for an E-card.   My goal is to get a second E-card and then  I’ll exchange those for a sire share.  From there, I plan to retire one of the fillies I have and breed it with the sire I obtain.

Now this week was pretty generous with 54 BP’s for the pair of runners obtained, which advances my total to 358 .  I made no changes to the stable this week, despite my thoughts last week of maybe doing something.   I’m looking at having four horses race this coming week if I can find decent placement for each one.


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  1. Keep on keeping on, Ken – look to be on track for your goal(s).