Apr 182018
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
TAKEN STATE masterm09 4yo+ G1 – The Spring Cup GR Simsters
DOLLY’S BOY wispa3 3yo+ G1 – The 5-Series Blazing Saddles
THE SUMMER MAN mtkmojo 4yo+ G1 – Charles Town Classic Blazing Saddles
SO YOU SEE awesomeagain 3yo G1 – Arkansas Juvenile — Derby Lock Prep The Eh Team
SLICK POWER coolk3 3yo G2 – The Stonerstop EAAA Racing
TIL IT’S GONE minty9 4yo+ G2 – Hannah Barbera Cap Minnesota Testbarn
YEAH THANKS horseriot 3yo+ G2 – The Commonwealth Blazing Saddles
ZABLINGTON frontrunna 4yo+ G2 – The San Juan Invitational Empire State Racing
SIDEWALK TALK orb 3yo+ G2 – The Bed Of Flowers NONE
STAR OF THE YEAR youngmc03 3yo+ G2 – The Sangster Northwest Racing Circuit
SEE MY SHOES giunluigi 4yo+ G2 – The Cold Plate GR Simsters
THANA VESH canyong8 4yo+ G3 – The Wiley Jenny Minnesota Testbarn
DATH NETHRYN thedowns 3yo G3 – The Doctor Is In Memorial MIDAS
TADASHI’S DREAM winona3 3yo G3 – Nell Gwyn Stakes All-Stars Racing
AARON JUDGE outinfront 3yo G3 – The Force Stakes Universal Racing Club
CRYSTAL CAPTAIN aak 4yo+ G3 – The Spur Of The Moment Pastures of Green
LOUIS STEVENSON fersara 4yo+ G3 – The Milers Cup Universal Racing Club
HOT HITTER lglong2yzu 4yo+ G3 – The Atlanta Cup NONE
KAMDEN silverallstar 3yo+ G3 – The National Rider Club GR Simsters
SOUNDS OF CRUMB whoami1 3yo G3 – The Darling Fred Stakes EWC

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