The Challenge-Week 27

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Jul 082018

The second half of the year has started and we had four horses entered this week, with hopes of starting the back side of the year with a 4th of July type Bang!

As it would turn out, one of the three fillies in the barn would no longer occupy barn space when the week concluded.   A KIRBY PRIZE was moved over to the dirt to run in an 8.5 furlong starter allowance race with a $12,500 tag.   She settled into mid-field positioning in the field of seven and was able to start moving forward as the top two runners tired.  But it would be a late runner who would nail the wire first, leaving A Kirby Prize two lengths back and finishing second.  I’ll get to her where-abouts in a few moments.  She delivered 17 BP’s and a G-card in her last race.  She had a 2-1-1 record in 5 starts with the stable and got us 97 BP’s.

BLOODY SATURDAY, just made his first start for the stable after residing here for a long time.   In fact, its also his first start of 2018.  Readers may recall that he was in the barn several months back.  I moved him to the stable to fill a vacancy and at about the same time, bred a 2-year old.  One reader suggested running the new borne right away, so I swapped the two around sending Bloody Saturday back to the farm, which incurred a waiting penalty.  So he’s back in the lineup and ran in a $2,500 claiming race at 8.25 furlongs.  He ran well early on, keeping pace with the leaders but did not have anything to offer and diminished to 9th in the 14-horse field.   25/1 odds were not promising in the race, but the long layoff could have brought an awakening.  That is more likely to happen with the 2nd start back after a long layoff so we’ll give him another go in a few weeks.  Got an F-card out of the race.

Two year old DUNCAN BIRD made her second career start.  This followed a very nice win in her debut (at 6/1) and this week she ran in a NW1x allowance race going 5.5 furlongs.     A surprisingly short field of four that included a CPU runner was the setting for the race.  At 9/2, we had the third choice and she took to the second spot from the start and held there to the end.  Her speed dropped slightly from 62 to 59 but the results got us the BP’s we sought.    27 of them in fact.  Plus a G-card.  At this point, she’ll be sent to the farm for a small rest and we’ll move FLUSH THE TOILET back to the stable.  He’s also a two year old that did not fare well in his debut.  He’ll start in about two weeks.

Making her first start this week for the stable was KOKETTA, a mare who had won five of seven starts on the grass and that is where I kept this 5-year old.  She ran in a cheap $2,500 claiming race at 8.25 furlongs and the crowd made her the favorite at 7/2.   I expected she would be claimed away with the low odds and engaged in watching the race.  In the 10 horse field, she found nice positioning in fourth and her keen eyes on the leaders.  After running a half mile, she made her move and was joined by another runner and competed head to head through the stretch.  Koketta hit the line first and won by a narrow margin.   The win in the large field brought three sire cards, one flipped as an F and the other two were G’s.   Also earned 30 BP’s.

The week brought 74 BP’s and the stable as advanced to a total of 850.  As for the sire cards 2 F’s and 4 G’s this week.   That brings the total to 2 E cards, 3-F cards and 7 G cards.   During the week, I exchanged the E cards for a sire share.  So the other cards remaining will also be exchanged which will end the week at 4-F cards and 2 G cards.

Now going back to A KIRBY PRIZE.  I need a mare to breed the newly acquired share to so she was retired.   The pair of E sire cards were exchanged and the sire that came back was Discreet Cat, who is rated as a D-card, so that would seem to be a nice step up.   63% of horses sired to Discreet Cat in 2017 have won at least one race.  However, of the 11 bred this year, none have won.  We aim to change that as the sire was bred to A Kirby Prize and a new two year old named THE CHALLENGE TWO has joined the stable.  The name is obvious as its the same as the one used for this sire challenge.  He looks to be ready for the dirt, so we may start there, however, mom performed well on dirt and turf and that hopefully will flow to the child, giving many more options.  That is, if it did.  We’ll find out as we race to the future!

Going into this week, I had three girls in the stock between the farm and stable.  One is a two year old which cannot be used for breeding as horses must be 4 year olds and up to use for breeding.  As one was used during the week, that left me with only one eligible for future breeding.  I made attempts in both claiming and auction to obtain females for potential future breeding and did not obtain any.  But I will keep my eyes open so when another pair of E cards arrive, I’ll be ready to move on it.




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