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British Columbia – CAN (BC)
Saturday, August 4, 2018 — 2:00 PM EST | Race ID: 2119741
The Royal St. John’s Regatta
Maiden Allowance – Purse $50,600
Restricted to 2 Year Olds
6.5 Furlongs on Turf

This race for two year olds is a tribute to The Royal St. John’s Regatta. The race will cover six and a half furlongs on Turf and will take place on the other coast of Canada in British Columbia as unfortunately there is not a track suitable for the race in Newfoundland. The winner of the race will take home his share of the $50.600 and will also be awarded an unraced two year old named for the race.

The Royal St. John’s Regatta is the oldest recorded organized sporting event in North America. This year on August 1st the event celebrated the 200th anniversary. Held on Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the Regatta is scheduled for the first Wednesday of August each year.

The Regatta is a series of Rowing Races. Crews row six-member, coxswained, fixed-seat racing shells that are as identical as possible. Men’s crews row a 2.450 km course, women’s crews row a 1.225 km course, and all crews are required to turn buoys and return to the start-finish line.

A growing number of people, local and foreign, visit the lake each year for the event, averaging around 50,000 in recent years. Aside from the rowing competitions, the Royal St. John’s Regatta is well known for its lakeside entertainment. The Regatta hosts hundreds of booths operated by individuals and organizations, ranging from various games of chance to food and drink.

Here is our field of ten for this SPIN “around the pond”.

russian decision
jb3rush farm
a farley                                   156/1

Out of the jb3rush farm is this two year old RUSSIAN REVOLUTION x HELP ME DECIDE (DR LARGE x GROOM DANCER) filly. RUSSIAN REVOLUTION has produced 7 winners this year.

spiorad dorcha
dunnvilledowns farm
b jonas                                   6/1

Out of the dunnvilledowns farm is this two year old scratch bred INVINCIBLE SPIRIT (IRE) x LEMON DROP KID x DARK ANGEL (IRE) colt. INVINCIBLE SPIRIT has produced 23 winners this year.

the red rabbit
summerset farm
l steele                                   5/1

Out of the summerset farm is this scratch bred two year old CAMELOT (GB) x DYNAFORMER x BLUSHING GROOM colt. CAMELOT has produced 9 winners this year.

ric480 farm
v luong                                   5/1

Out of the ric480 farm is this two year old OASIS DREAM  x KRIS S. x BLUSHING GROOM filly. OASIS DREAM has produced 33 winners this year.

not a street
harrylanlow7 farm
h mccarthy                            9/2

Out of the harrylanlow7 farm is this two year old NOT A SINGLE DOUBT x STREET CRY x SADLER’S WELLS colt. NOT A SINGLE DOUBT has produced 19 winners this year.

sentry gun
aam3 farm
r crandlemire                         18/1

Out of the aam3 farm is this two year old HALLOWED CROWN x MONTEROSSO x ZABEEL filly. HALLOWED CROWN has produced 13 winners this year.

feudal warrior
mightyforego27 farm
ra tice                                     3/1

Out of the mightforego27 farm is this two year old DANSILI  x BLOOD FEUD (GIANT’S CAUSEWAY x FRANKEL) colt. DANSILI has produced 39 winners this year.

ce que tu as fait
newnewfydowns farm
c debow                                 12/1

Out of the newnewfydowns farm is this two year old SIYOUNI (FR) x WHAT YOU MADE (JOHANNESBURG x AWESOME AGAIN) colt. SIYOUNI has produced 26 winners this year.

i’m the way
aladar1 farm
z kidder                                  9/1

Out of the aladar1 farm is this two year old ALKAASED  x  CELTIC GODS (TEOFILO x AWESOME AGAIN) colt. ALKAASED has not produced a winner this year.

royal night
jbcri38 farm
j brewer                                  6/1

Out of the jbcri38 farm is this scratch bred two year old ROCK HARD TEN x BROAD BRUSH x RIVERMAN colt. ROCK HARD TEN has produced 8 winners this year.


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  1. Impressive debut Harry, big congrats. I stick by my statement that this race will produce future stake winners.

  2. Well done, newfy – good luck everybody !

  3. A record was actually set at the real races this year…hopefully we will have some record breaking speed too. Good luck to all ! Thanks for supporting this race.

  4. Nice job, Newfy. Good luck to all !

  5. Thanks for the write-up. Nice looking firsters in here, maybe some future stake winners. Good luck to all involved.

  6. Thanks for the writeup newfy. Thanks for describing the setting for this event. Good luck to all entrants!

  7. Thanks Newfy, good luck to all.