Aug 122018
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
TEARS IN SEATTLE bodgit 3yo+ G1 – The Maybe Johnny Handicap GR Simsters
TAKE WHAT’S GIVEN canyongate 3yo G1 – Exam Stakes Minnesota Testbarn
INVINCIBLE IRISH irishflyer 2yo G1 – The Firebird New Zealand Racing Club
NUKA DEATHMARCH lenny6 3yo+ G1 – The Hit Me Handicap GR Simsters
EXCEL HOME tfon6 2yo G1 – The More Nay Sherwood Forest
ERHOFF yellowmoon 3yo+ G1 – Cedora D Stakes GR Simsters
FINKE SEAYOU nomadic 3yo+ G1 – Sword Swallower Stakes MIDAS
DISHING IT UP mtk2014 2yo G2 – The Young Lady Blazing Saddles
DIGGINNOSEGOLD desertdog11 3yo+ G2 – The Honored Miss All-Stars Racing
CRAZY BUT SO WHAT correction 3yo+ G2 – Snownut Handicap Pastures of Green
GRAYZIGGY mesaana 3yo+ G2 – Booker T. Handicap NONE
HARLEE QUINN waremblem1 3yo+ G2 – Big Dessert Stakes GR Simsters
CAPE OF THE DEVIL pleasanton 3yo+ G2 – Fried Rice Mile Minnesota Testbarn
CAMBRIDGE STATION padrecali2 3yo+ G2 – The Kergorlay GR Simsters
PAYNTERPICTURE theduke91 3yo G2 – The La Holla Empire State Racing
WINTER IS BOSS draculaura 2yo G3 – The Sorgento Universal Racing Club
NEW BONES jrogue2 3yo+ G3 – The Matchmaker NONE
ENVENOM philippines 2yo G3 – Trixy Delight’s Special GR Simsters
BERNARDINI CAT ddstables16 3yo+ G3 – Middle Of Nowhere Sprint NONE
GRANDE COLPO domedriver 3yo G3 – The Nanette DelPenn National
BELLA THORNE harasauxerre 2yo G3 – The Calvados GR Simsters
CONSERVATIVE VALUE testbarn12 3yo G3 – The Jersey Oaks Minnesota Testbarn
KID FRANKY aalex311 3yo+ G3 – The Hungry Ford Universal Racing Club
SHADY RAY chilimac 3yo G3 – The Untouchable Racing HQ

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