Happy 20th Birthday Sim!

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Aug 152018

Happy 20th birthday, sim!

On August 15, 1998, twenty years ago today, a funny little thing happened in a corner of the internet. This game went live to the public, and our lives would never be the same.

The Black Type Bugler would like to invite all players to raise a toast to the game today in celebration of the game’s 20th simversary.

If you have a few moments, please drop by the game’s message board this week. (In game, Connect menu > Forums). A thread has been posted with trivia about the last 20 years of the game. Stop in, take a look, and you might be able to win some game credits or a prize horse.  

Thanks to all game admin Mike, and thanks to all players, past, present, and future, for helping make this game as great as it has been. Here’s to you, here’s to the past 20 years, and here’s to 20 more. 

Happy 20th birthday, sim!

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  8 Responses to “Happy 20th Birthday Sim!”

  1. Happy Birthday to the greatest gift I ever received!!! Thanks Mike for this great game!!!!

  2. thanks forl the great game

  3. I’ve been racing (for the most part) since June 1999, back when the SIM had 32 tracks and only raced on Saturdays. It’s changed a lot since then, but is still a blast to play.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Fantastic game — fantastic people — HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  5. Love it. Happy bday. Best game of any type on the ne and i appreciate the time effort and realism by everyone involved. HAPPY BDAY!!! :)

  6. been apart of the best game on the internet of any sport not just horse racing 17.5 years now.. plan on another 17.5 at least…

    thanks mike

  7. Back then and after a couple of years of play and seeing that Mike was building this game for longevity I began to realize that I might be able to play this DerbyFever for the rest of my life.
    If Mike continues to stay younger than me I can see this happening …LOL!

    Happy Birthday!!


    and may there be many, many more to come!!!!