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It’s been quite a few years since the current version of this game rolled out and as it did, a number of race tracks were shuttered.  The greatest controversy centered on the Upstate New York track, which was closed with a lot of political shenanigans involved.  Most notably, New York’s Governor Bribeme was in the center of all the happenings.   The BTB went undercover and over the past few years has provided updates on the former race track.

The initial newsbreaking article on the track being closed was printed in September, 2012.   Unfortunately, the archives are no longer available.  Let me correct that, all the archives from 2012 exist, with the exception of September, 2012.   Much like a former presidential candidates emails mysteriously disappearing, so have these articles.   The BTB did have an intern who briefly worked for the paper in 2013 and left to work for the governor’s office upon concluding their internship.  Upon noting the articles missing years later, our IT department determined that the last individual to touch the September 2012 files was the intern.  Unfortunately, the statue of limitation has expired.

Anyways, reproduction of the article is not possible at this time, however, we do have several that exist and can still be viewed and the links are here (sorry, you’ll need to copy and paste to your browser to view):

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FBI Releases Results of Upstate New York Racetrack Investigation    Link:


For those who don’t want to read the articles or look at the undercover pictures, here’s a summary of the history of the track, after it closed.  As it was closed, the state of New York paid roughly 100 million to renovate the Governor’s Box and other adjacent boxes.   Renovations concluded with an elaborate box that could hold hundreds of visitors, beautiful bathrooms fit for the wealthy as well as a world class kitchen to name a few.  Not bad for a track that was closed.   The Governor won the election by about 2% and was hugely supported by New York City voters.    Celebrations were held at the racetrack.

The track, since it was closed, was put up for sale and opened to public bids.  Problem here was the public did not know about it and the only public postings were displayed in the Governor’s Mansion.   Slumlord Builders LLC won the bid on the racetrack and they were able to obtain a $3 million dollar loan from the NYSRA (New York Simulated Racing Authority), with a pultry interest rate of 0.10%.    The loan has a 99-year term with the first payment not due until 2055.   Who gets such a loan like this?  The BTB investigated and found the owner of Slumlord was none other than the Governor’s 8-year old daughter (recently turned 11).

The historic track was demolished with the $100 million in renovations be sold for a total of $50.  That’s right, fifty bucks.  The items were all relocated to the Governor’s vacation home.  One can only guess who bid and bought the items.  A huge wall was built, one that is tall enough to prohibit illegal aliens from entering with a mansion built on the property with a huge man made lake on the 118 acre property.

The FBI got involved after the series of articles from the BTB and launched an investigation.   FBI Director Lieagain claimed to personally spend hundreds of hours investigating and interviewing individuals only to find nothing.   Well, the only finding was the posting of the public bid to sell the track was done in the Governor’s Mansion, but Director Lieagain accepted promises that this would not be repeated.


So we’re now in 2018 and it is an election year.  Trying to win re-election is Governor Bribeme who desires to retain his job in the Sim state of New York.  Many horsemen and horsewomen have been extremely upset with the decisions made over the past several years with the Upstate New York Racetrack.   The Governor has apparently realized that his slim 2% winning margin may have evaporated as the astute horsepeople are seeking someone who have their interest and concerns in mind.

Governor Bribeme has a plan to win these voters.   “When I am re-elected as Governor, I will see to it that the Upstate New York Racetrack is restored.  It is unfortunate that the track had to be closed a few years back which was due to the poor economic climate at the time.   Under my leadership, the economy has vastly improved.  The state is in much better condition then it was, thanks to me.   I have already taken steps to have NYSRA obtain the property, spend the necessary money and rebuild the race track.  WE WILL HAVE THE TOP RACETRACK IN THE WORLD!”   Staff who were the only ones in attendance, other than the “fake news reporters” stood up and applauded their boss.

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The BTB investigated further and went undercover.   Hooking up with an inside supporter, and supplementing their retirement fund with credits, the BTB obtained the below photograph.   In the photo, Governor Bribeme is signing an agreement to sell the property that his under aged daughter owns, back to NYSRA.    Our insider reports that the agreed price tag is for $75 million.   A nice profit.   Property bought at a discount from the taxpayers with a loan supplied by the taxpayers (and unsecured too) and sold back to the taxpayers.

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For some additional information, we provided our source with vacation funding, in BP’s, and found that the document was signed two days after the Governor launched his $50 million re-election campaign.   So it seems that the taxpayers of New York are probably the most generous people in the world and are now funding the Governor’s re-election campaign.    Behind the scenes, our informant has provided information that Governor Bribeme has hired FBI Director Lieagain as a consultant for his re-election.   His salary is $2.5 million and his expectations are to make a handful of calls to encourage voters to support the Governor on two weekends so there is no conflict with his current position.   It sure smells of a way to make payback to the Director for his ability to find no criminal activity with the Governors actions.

This reporter believes there is little likelihood that there will be a restoration of the Upstate New York Racetrack.  As much as players would like to see it, the fact is that political undertones have taken vast steps to destroy it.  Promises to restore it will likely be false.  Politics will ultimately win out and do so at a huge cost to state voters, who have already seen their taxes rise 2% over the past year.  Oddly, that mirrors the margin of victory in the last election.

A new racetrack in Upstate New York is possible, but not in the current political arena.   The BTB encourages a change to be made.  Don’t vote Democrat.  Don’t vote Republican.   The BTB supports the Sim-Horseplayers Party.   This is a party who is devoted to making a change and for equal benefit to all within the state and to all those who enjoy and support horse racing.   When election day comes, the BTB is throwing its full support to all candidates on the Sim-Horseplayer party line and encourage all individuals to vote straight down this line.  Make sure you are registered as the deadline is approaching.   Go to your voting locations.  If you need a ride to the voting booth, contact the party and request transportation.  A horse will transport you to the finish line…I mean voting location.   Register often.  Vote often.   Votes mean change.  And you can make your voice heard…once, twice as many times as you want as long as you vote often!


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