Sep 172018
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
CACHIX saf200 3yo+ G1 – The Champion Stakes Bargain Bred Racing
RAZOR GIRL rager 3yo+ G1 – Superfilly Handicap NONE
CHILL THE BEANS tees13 3yo+ G1 – The Sprint Cup Sim Junkees
DUBAI BANKER deyoto5 3yo+ G1 – Vermillion Stakes MIDAS
EAST COAST HUMOR saver 3yo+ G2 – East Coast Mile Pastures of Green
TALES OF HEARTS tmjstable 3yo+ G2 – Middle Ground Mile DelPenn National
SPIRITING AWAY rmans 2yo G2 – Spring Hill Stakes NONE
KID FRANKY aalex311 3yo+ G2 – Central Park Stakes Universal Racing Club
UNBIASED QUESTION kody4 2yo G2 – The Future Stakes Racing HQ
SILVER WAY bizalls5 3yo+ G2 – The Molson Export The Eh Team
SPARE NO OIL whip2win 3yo+ G2 – The Don’s Plastered Cup EWC
VAGGIO DIFFICILE lgbost5 2yo G2 – Nationwide Stakes NONE
DUBBED KING henne 3yo+ G2 – Homelick Challenger All-Stars Racing
CADAMOSTO flrancho 3yo+ G3 – The Plaid Skirt Comedy Central
FANCY CHANCE rabid7 3yo G3 – Little Evil Sophomore Universal Racing Club
GUTHA WARNING tulloch 3yo G3 – Prix De Loot MIDAS
SET TO LAUNCH withapproval 3yo+ G3 – The Blue Pin The Eh Team
BEAT KEEPER rlogan4 2yo G3 – The Chicago-DC Lassie NONE
TURNING FAST dkyoung5 4yo+ G3 – The Gladiator Universal Racing Club
POKEMON EVOLUTION saluki7227 3yo+ G3 – The Honorable Dame NONE
WELL WELL DONE cmepopxius 2yo G3 – The Aaron Burr All-Stars Racing
LE CLEZIO fpv 3yo+ G3 – Hundred Tower Stakes Universal Racing Club
ROXY TO THE STARS roxyken 3yo+ G3 – Stockholm International EWC
EUCLA CADMIUM mattress 3yo+ G3 – Nickes Memorial Empire State Racing
BLANCHED sime112 3yo+ G3 – Green Turban Memorial NONE

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