Oct 212018


How does this happen ?

What makes one horse seem so much more superior over another at an auction ?

On October 18th a horse ( Australian Hoser ) was auctioned off for over     $ 767,000 ,   quite higher than most, but nothing unusual right ?, Except this horse had only ever run one race, and was only rated a light blue in form.

Now I understand that form color does not always represent the horse, especially after only one race , and many times much more by breeding, however breeding on this horse is at best mediocre.

The sire was not much more than mediocre ( Musket (AUS) )   The dam ( Numerous Causeways ) a winner of only 150,000 + in her career and ( Noble Causeway ) a breeder of multiple minor stake winners.


I bred this horse originally because of my personal connection to Numerous Times ( the great grand Daddy of this one who was a Woodbine favorite of mine, but has never gotten much respect in this game, as I fine with most Canadian bred horses here.

After a very nice run by Australian Hoser in her debut, coming from last to first in a tidy 71 SP at 30 – 1 odds, I decided to move her over to my other farm where I like to house my Musket horses. Most of my horses generally start off slow in their first races preferring much longer distances, but this one was the exception. Still considering her form rating , I figured she still would move over reasonably  cheap and decided to auction over as usual.

This is where it gets crazy !    First check next day and the horse is already at over 200,000, ten times what I had expected !   Then 300,000 and so on and so on. Once the horse hit over 500,000 I had to reconsider my position on this little one.

Could this horse be that good ?

Could this horse compensate the price it would take to get her back ?

Either way the chances were slim. Yes the 71 SP was very nice considering what was expected of this one and the way she did it was also very nice, but I have been in this game now for years and have seen some weird things. I once had a horse a few years back called Headless Horse. As far as I know this horse is still running.  He ran an 82 SP winning easy first time out at 9 – 1 odds, and although did not do too bad, was never much more than a 20,000 allowance horse failing miserably at any stakes races it considered.

Why then should Australian Hoser, who is even considered to be less of a horse, have this kind of chance to re coop this type of investment ?

This is where my head is shaking, Did I miss something here ?  Might explain my less than stellar record for being anywhere close to a successful barn in all these years of playing here.

Damn , I am open to explanations !

I decided to let this horse go to a new happy home, and certainly wish her the greatest of luck as well, as the Tees19 barn, who have taken a hefty chance on her.

I will certainly be watching this one to see where she goes. Meanwhile, the financial gain for my phenomanaz stables was welcomed.

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  11 Responses to “Shaking My Head At The Auctions”

  1. No , I think you are all misunderstanding. I am closing the phenomanaz stables down for good , or at least minimilizing it and moving what I can over to my new Ontario Racing Stables. A few months back I was gonna give it ( the game ) a complete break for a year or so as I was having a tough time just dealing with the game time wise. Funny cause I was probably having the most success I had ever had. I ended up pretty much auctioning all my horses off. Over 200 of them. After a few months I started getting my mojo for the game back and wanted a fresh start for my newly made Ontario Racing Stables, but all my shares , Bp’s and cash were still tied up in the Phenomanaz Stables. I asked Mike if I could possibly just transfer everything I had in that way over to the new stables , but never heard back from him. Didn’t figure he would do it anyhow so I went to plan B. I decided that I would use my bp’s to create horses by Musket for grass and Mr. Speaker for dirt using my huge list of mares I rarely used and using up quite a few of my Bp’s along the way. Once I had raced them once I auctioned them off in hopes that I could get them back with my new stable. I knew I might lose some, I just never expected the huge price I was getting on a couple of them and especially Australian Hoser which I thought was just a little strange for a horse if it’s supposed quality. Now maybe the picture is just a little clearer.

  2. if the game sent horses back to the farm after a race then it would be easier to organize stables and also to geld if wanted.

    As Mike doesn’t like horses spending too much time on the farm, surely this would be a simple solution.

    We could switch stables, geld, do whatever we liked with horses instead of them spending months sitting in a farm doing nothing.

    • Switching horses between stables in the game is generally discouraged, so as to interfere with players stacking up ‘super-stables’ — which is why active stable stalls are limited to 10 per stablename. Prior to Sep 2012 (the introduction of the ‘new’ game format) horse switches could be attempted via auction or claims, but the new (current) format allows safe transfer via the (Sep 2012) introduced farm, albeit with a suitably-putting-off timeout-from-racing penalty.

  3. Well now I agree with TESTBARN……As I rarely use the auction…However PHENOM I am the current high bidder on yr Mr Speaker 2 yr old…”ANGEL DEMON” I believe at over $300K….These sim dollars are actually useless other than to try to purchase a quasi monster and I like the Mr. Speaker bloodline…

    My daughter does tend to get carried away with her spending efforts on my behalf however …typical of my ex wife her mother….sorry I just knew there would be some cackling about my auction issues thus the explanation.

  4. From my perspective, a horse that is light blue, 1-for-1 and debuted with a 70+ SP would peak my interest in an auction. That being said, I find unraced/very lightly raced light blues often go for more money than I am willing to spend. The bloodline would be a concern for me, but when the horse is bred somewhere other than KY, I am actually willing to open the pocketbook a little more. While AUS is a competitive circuit, the lure of running in local-bred races is something I really factor in, especially on the less competitive circuits (like say OH, OK or OR…)

  5. Yes, I’m shaking my head, too. What do you mean auction over as usual?

  6. Interesting about the auction interest — but I am wondering why you just didn’t transfer the horse via the farm ?

  7. Since sim dollars mean nothing spending them without giving up any bps, you should have grabbed her back. if you really liked her. the only thing that matters is bp management.in my lowly opinion