Nov 042018
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
GOLFING golf 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Dirt Marathon Empire State Racing
INDY STREET PRO rickybobby6 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl F and M Sprint All-Stars Racing
IMA SO LUCKY blankpoin8 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Dirt Mile Empire State Racing
LIGHT SO BRIGHT valesa1 2yo G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Filly Juvy Turf Empire State Racing
MY AWESOME KING ddkstables 2yo G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Juvenile Turf NONE
JESS KILLIN TIME phillipj 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Distaff Minnesota Testbarn
TAPITMORE rickybobbysoss 2yo G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Juvenile Filly All-Stars Racing
OTTO ORLANDO kaner 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl F and M Turf GR Simsters
INTO BEING NICE 2gunranch 2yo G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Juvenile All-Stars Racing
MUTANT POWERS sicko 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Mile Blazing Saddles
AUDITORIUM searching 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Sprint NONE
FRANKLY SCARY asrstar3 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Turf All-Stars Racing
LOOKIN AT NUREY smokeybb 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Classic Empire State Racing
WONDEROZZY itch2 3yo+ G1 – Breeders’ Bowl Turf Sprint Empire State Racing
CANDY SMUGGLER masterab 3yo+ G1 – Fujimoto Turf Sprint Empire State Racing
DEEP RIVERS 39away 2yo G1 – High Flyer Stakes Universal Racing Club
THE GOLDEN GULL cygnusx 3yo+ G1 – The Best Of Rome EWC
MIDWEST FUNK larrylegend 3yo+ G1 – The Empire Rose Empire State Racing
BLUSHING WELL oldmoonelite5 3yo+ G1 – The Fall Tent Show Only Stayers
STEEL CRUSADER desimster1 3yo+ G1 – The McKinnon Blazing Saddles
TENGU silverstars 3yo G1 – The Vicky Derby GR Simsters
HOOD COUNTRY CLUB theduke100 3yo G1 – The Vicky Oaks Empire State Racing
MURDERED PEDDLER scoregon5 3yo+ G2 – Trash Can Mile All-Stars Racing
BABS GABBA GOL jmmstables 2yo G2 – Laffitte Criterium Pastures of Green
IGBO dustyla81 3yo+ G2 – Prancing Ferry Stakes Racing HQ
SUZERAINTY bansteadmanor 3yo+ G3 – The Mr. Salinger Stakes European Union Racing
CRYPTOMANIA pwong01 2yo G3 – The Cornstalk NONE
KHRAZZ IS TO BLAME lenny20 3yo+ G3 – The Narrow Land GR Simsters
FINKE RIPRIN sparadise 3yo+ G3 – The Royal Oak MIDAS
SILLY OF AIMI kingkirby 3yo G3 – The Wake Up Stakes All-Stars Racing
KID FRANKY aalex311 3yo+ G3 – The Umbria Universal Racing Club
CRYING ZOU rickybobby3 2yo G3 – The Miesque All-Stars Racing
PARIS WEST trotking2 3yo+ G3 – The Corvette Empire State Racing
SEA ESTA GOLD gcliffo36 3yo+ G3 – Allison Stakes Racing HQ
OTTO BUFFALO kaner14 2yo G3 – The Nashua Special GR Simsters
BARB’S VERMONTSTAR bjbarn 3yo+ G3 – It’s All Your Fault Stakes Pastures of Green

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  1. Thanks for putting this up every week on time. I look forward to it. Thanks Tom!