Nov 042018

This week I pulled the trigger and obtained a DDS share and I’ll review that in a rew moments, first a recap of this weeks runners.

Newly acquired ALWAYS CONFLICTED made his first start for the stable.  Placement was difficult as I was hoping for a low end claimer but ended up with a $20k starter allowance.   I guess he was conflicted as he hobbled over the track, pretty much trailing the leader by 5 throughout the race.  He finished fifth and travel costs ate up any potential BP payouts.  Got a G-card and hoping to find softer conditions next time out for this mile runner.

GOOD AND SOLID is a filly that was bred last week exchanging a lucky D-sire card that was drawn and tossing in a few other cards.  She raced in a steep $125,000 claiming race in a 4-horse field and was a steep 25/1.  In the short 5.5 furlong race, she fell back a steep 7 lengths but made a decent stretch run to finish third and cut the deficit to 4 furlongs.  She may desire longer, so I’ll try to seek a mile or so her next time out.  30 BP’s and a G-card.

HOPES FOR THE BEST is another horse that was bred using sire cards a while back  She ran on the dirt in her first start, finished 6th in an 8 horse field with a slow 51 speed.  That was with a claim tag of $30,000.  Changes were made and she was dropped into a $15,000 claiming race and moved to the turf.  In a five horse field which looked competitive with four of the runners with odds 2/1 to 3/1, Hopes for the Best was 16/1.   She  pressed the leader from the start of the 5f race and found her stride in the stretch and took over the lead to win by nearly a length.   Gotta love those longshot wins!  Looks like we have a grass runner here.  The win gave us a selection of two sire cards, both being of the G version, but better were the 30 BP’s from the win.

Making his first start after picking him up in a claim was Thirsty Archie.  I was able to keep him at the OR track which prevented any travel costs.  He was placed in the protected Starter Allowance race with a cheap $2,500.  Last start, he was the pace setter and finished third.   This week, he held the second spot from start to finish and could not take down the 28/1 winner.   Another 30 BP’s and the second came in a 12-horse field, gaining us a second sire card.  These turned into another pair of G’s.

Summing up the week which was very profitable with 90 BP’s earned and a somewhat disappointing 6 G-cards.   This gives a total of 9 G-sire cards when added to the cards remaining from last week.

As I alluded to at the top of this article, I acquired a DDS share to join the sire shares that were previously purchased and include American Pharoah as sire, A.P. Indy as dam sire.  For a cost of 275 BP’s completing the breeding line is Mr. Prospector.  After this weeks winnings and the expenditure for the DDS share, the stable now has 116 on hand.  Maybe we can target another nice sire share before the year is over.

The sire shares have been used to breed a horse and we have a colt on our hands.   I’m asking for name suggestions as I gave it an abstract name for the time being, so feel free to post your suggestions on this board.   I’m hopeful to get him on the track quickly with a target of another start in December which will give us an idea of how well we’ve done.   Thanks in advance for your name suggestions.





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  12 Responses to “The Challenge-Week 44: DDS Share Aquired, Name Needed”

  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Several turned out to be already in use or tied to retired horses. AP was suggested quite a bit as was Gold. AP makes sense with the connection to both American Pharoah and AP Intials used. And we also had the Egyptian Theme going too. So I’ve blended these to come up with: AP’s Golden Mummy.

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone and he is now entered to run on the 14th in a MSW in California on dirt, going 6f. We’ll soon see how our monster will do…I’m anxiously waiting!!



  4. AP AP MP

  5. Digging for Mummies or Palentologist would be my choices

  6. Gold Dust

  7. Either Pharoah’s Gold, or A.P. Pharoah I think might work.

  8. Challenge Complete or something like that

  9. Well Donald Trump thinks he is the American Pharaoh A P Indy always reminds me of Indiana Jones and Prospector is much like a treasure hunter (again Indy Jones) So

    Indy Jones Buries Trump

  10. Perhaps something that reminds us of the time it took to complete the challenge – Fortyfour Pharoah

    Or something silly – A P A. P. Mr. P

  11. Royal Relic

  12. Hey mate firsty have enjoyed reading your articles weekly. Has been entertaining and interesting.
    My suggestion is obvious but i like EGYPTIAN GOLD for the name. Good luck with it ill be reading with intrest