Dec 102018

Only three weeks to go in the racing season and where has the year gone?  Mom was right.  Time passes by faster the older you get.  Guess we need to work on getting younger to slow that process down.

Anyway, this week the stable sent four horses to the track and had mixed results.  Two year old, bred with sire cards, FROST ADVIOSRY made her second career start.  After a second place finish in late September at 9/1 in a $30k claiming race, we kept her at the same 5.5 furlong distance and dropped down to the bottom of all bottoms, the $2,000 claiming tag.   Bettors liked her off her debut and made her the 8/5 favorite.   She sat behind the two front runners who were fighting tooth and nail and relaxed into the third position, nearly three strides back and was reactive and put things into high gear and easily moved up and took the lead, drew away and won my nearly two lengths.  The speed dropped to 68 (from 73), but the victory margin did not require a higher number.    This will probably mark her last start for the stable for the year as there are 3 weeks remaining and I prefer a longer rest for two year olds.   She earned 37 BP’s in the race (total of 77 for both career races) and a pair of G-sire cards.

After winning his first race for the stable, KYRGYZSTAN has flattened out.  This week he ran in a starter allowance (shifting from a $17,500 claiming race) and  finished sixth as the second betting choice at 7/2.  Like his last start, he made a lukewarm effort to close late that got him nowhere and finishing 6th.  Blame is all mine as he should be going longer than the 7 furlongs I’ve tried him at in last two races.  One G-card was the reward.

THIRSTY ARCHIE was looking to overcome a pair of seconds he’s had with the stable which were both in starter allowance races.  This week he was entered into a $3,500 claiming race at 5 furlongs, trimming the distance a smidge from 5.5 furlongs.   He took off and put pressure on the leader who he was able to overtake in the stretch and cruised to the wire to win by a stride, a nice outcome for the 6/5 favorite in the 8-horse field.    This was his third start for the stable and he earned 22 BP’s in the race and 3 sire cards, of which we collected an F-card and two G-cards.

ALWAYS CONFLICTED seemed to be named correctly.  He made his third start for the stable, all in starter allowance, this one at a $7,500 tag, the lowest level thus far.  I reset his speed to 100 and he fired out and went to the lead.  He had a nice 3 length lead at the half of the 9-furlong race but was run down and crossed the line in 5th.   5 BP’s for his finish and a G-card.


I made a few changes with the stable.   Frost Advisory has been sent to the barn and another 2-year old, HOLIDAYS ARE HERE has been moved into the stable.  This is a sire-card bred horse that was created last week and we’ll see in a week or so if we can grab some quick BP’s on this one before the year ends.

I’ve also sent Always Conflicted to the farm and brought BABS SEEKING LUCK back to the stable.  This one is the sole survivor of the horses the stable started with back in January.   He’s raced 12 times for us and was in need of a rest.  It seems fitting that we should wrap the year up with him back in the stable and one last run for the year.


The week ends with the stable earning 64 BP’s, elevating the holdings to 417.    1 F-card and 6 C-cards have been added to the F-card I held last week.  At this time, I don’t forsee breeding with the cards unless we strike it rich with a high-end card.

Three horses look to be sharp for this week and hopefully we can find a spot for them.


Now a question for readers.  The Challenge series is approaching an end for this year.  Should we do another one next year?   Should it have a similar goal objective or some other kind of goal?   I’m looking for ideas and thoughts.  This challenge started with a bundle of misfits and if we do something again, the time is now to create a stable and stock it with runners to start the new year with.  Or we can keep this one running with the horses already in it.  All thoughts and ideas are welcomed and thanks for riding on this journey!




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  2 Responses to “The Challenge-Week 49 Results and Question for Readers”

  1. I love the article and will continue reading whichever way you decide to go!

  2. I’ll keep reading regardless of your decision, but I’d like to see you continue with the stable where we already know most of the horses,

    Don’t have any suggestions for a change in format, but perhaps if you ‘register’ the stable points earned for this year, then try to beat it next year. Or collect all cards for the year, and see how strong a breeding you can achieve at the end of the year

    Thanks for the great read