The Challenge- Week 6

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Feb 102019

At the start of the year, plans for this years challenge were made to accumulate and advance upward the sire cards that the stable obtained and exchange for what will hopefully will be a top notch sire.  We are also accumulating credits which can be used to build a back end to that sire share (a DS and DDS).  The cards on hand at the start of the week are:  1-E, 5-F and 7-G.  We are allowed to trade upward by exchaning 5 sire cards for one of the next level so I’ve traded in the F’s and G’s and now have 2-E, 1-F and 2-G’s.  Let’s take a look at this weeks results:

I had four entrants this week and the first one to go was FROST ADVISORY.  This young lady was bred last year using a sire share with a retired mare and has been earning enough to pay her way.   She made her 3rd start for the stable in a $2,500 claiming, NW3L race, a level a bit higher as she has only 1 lifetime win but there were not any NW2L that were appealing, so I went for the notch higher.  An 8 horse field left the gate and Frost took the second spot in the 4.5f race dropping back about 2 strides behind the 3/1 favorite.   She picked up some ground late and could not outrun the favorite, finishing second by only a half stride.   She’s hit the board in all of her starts and 27 BP’s came with this race.  Two sire cards turned to both be G-cards.

Distance runner RESERVATION FOR ME picked up a win on the dirt last month and was looking to replicate this feat on the turf.  He’s versitile on both surfaces and with the grass he’s only been off the board once.  This week he ran in a starter allowance at a distance of 12 furlongs.  The field turned out to be small in size with 5 entered.  Reservation For Me was liked in the field and put out as the 2/5 favorite.  He broke away second and was very comfortable in that position as the rest of the field eventually fell well behind him.  After trailing the leader by half a dozen strides, he took off and charged after the front runner.   He reached the front runner on the line but would not get the top honor…ooohhhh so close!  17 BP’s for the second spot and 1 sire card which was an F-card.   His 86 speed in the race was disappointing and lowest in about 10 months.  He’s raced 9 times for the stable and ITM 7 times.  He has done well and is deservant of a rest so he’s heading to the farm.

Since the end of last May, VYZA FRANCE has finished first or second in each of his starts and spans over three different owners.  He joined our organization last October and ran for the third time for the stable.  Of his prior 19 starts, only two came on the turf with the last in August 2017.  He had a first and second in those races so I opted to put him back on the grass in a 7.5 furlong, claiming race with a $3,500 price tag.   He was 6/1 in the 8-horse field.  This 4yo filly was aggressive and hung on tight near the front, just under a stride off the pacesetter.  By the half way point, she had enough and moved up easily to take command of the field and cruised to the line as the best with a 1 and half length victory.  She ran a speed of 98 which is her career best and solidified herself as a two surface runner.   22 BP’s and three sire cards (1-F & 2-G) were the prizes that came with the win.  Aptly, her sires name is Reward for Effort and we certainly got some rewards this week!

Coming into this weekend, THIRSTY ARCHIE had 12 wins and 34 starts, all on the dirt.  This week he felt the grass under his feet for the first time and entered into a $3,500 claiming race at a distance of 4.5 furlongs.   He walked onto the track at 4/1 odds and when the gate doors opened, he responded lively and took straight out to the front.   Running on the lead was the place he wanted to be and that would be where he would stay as he beat the field of 10 which gained the stable 3 sire cards (all flipped as G’s) and 25 BP’s.

A very good week this time with 2-F cards and 7 G-cards.  This brings the totals to 2-E, 5-F and 4-G cards.   To clean things up further, the F’s have been exchanged, so officially we have 3-E and 4 G.

Our BP’s totaled 91 this week, a nice little jackpot to add to the bank which has advanced to 479.  There is an open spot in the stable with Reservation For Me being rested at the farm.  That spot will be filled later in the week by AP’S Golden Mummy who is currently at the farm and should be available to move out by mid-week.




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