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The EWC has their annual Showcase races this weekend for unraced 2 year olds.  One is on the dirt with the other on the turf.  This article features the dirt race which will be held at the CA track at a distance of 5.5 furlongs.  Breeding conditions were implanted in which the sire used must be connected to one of numerous tracks that the residency supports.  The DS & DDS could be anything which includes breeding with a mare.  Late in 2019 these runners will have the opportunity to reunite in a residency stake race. Handicapping is a bit more challenging as none of these children have raced before, but I’ll take a shot at it:

1    5/1

HOW ENLIGHTENING is entered by owner Atthewire and is the son of Cry Me A Wire, a five time winning mare who has bore two previous children, one becoming a stake winner.   This two year old is sired by Square Eddie who has already seen 2 winners out of the 2019 crop and last years group has seen 57% earn wins.   The back end of the breeding is strongly supported by Uncle Mo x Street Cry.

2    3/1

KASH PAYMENT is a scratch bred horse with the breeding of American Pharoah x AP Indy x Forty Niner.   American Pharoah, as of this writing, is ranked third amongst sires for 2018 with 9 children bred last year winning a stake race and over 56% of horses with a victory.   Owner Kashbarn is hopeful that this one will payoff.

3    40/1

STAY IN CALI is owned by Tyedye and comes out of the million dollar and G1 winning mare Never Win These.   The mare has mothered two previous horses and both have won at the listed stake level.  Cali is a filly with the lineage of Stay Thirsty x Tizway x Pulpit.   Stay Thirsty has not been as appealing to trainers in recent years as usage has decreased.  42% of the 2018 crop have earned wins but there are big hopes that this one will be a gem coming out of a proven mare.

4     6/1

A SPECIAL SONG is the 7th child out of Whistlin’, a mare who was winless during her career.  None of the children have met expectations thus far, however owner Smittie684 is hopeful this will be the diamond in the rough.   The breeding line looks decent and contains Special Week x Dixieland Band x Alydar.   Special Week was ranked a bit higher in 2018, at 203rd, when compared to previous years and had 32% of last seasons crop were winners but he was short on stake winners.

5     8/1

GEISHO FAN is out of stake winning mare Flappage.   Flappage has mothered 4 horses with one also becoming a stake winner.  The mother was bred with sire Special week and the result was this 2 year old filly which contains the tail end of Vindication x Fappino.  Owner Denovo hopes the stake winning ability will work its way into this lady.

6   14/1

MAN UNDER COVER is owned by Marky4577 and is one of few in this race that are scratchbreds.   This young guy was bred with the lineage of Big Brown x Scat Daddy x Redoute’s Choice.   Frequently utilized Big Brown witnessed 42% of last seasons crop picking up a win and intermixed were three that became stake winners.   This “man” will be looking for a “big” effort in this race.

7    50/1

TSR’S WILD TIME is owned by Tstack and is the child of mare TSR’s Tricky Time who was retired at the end of last season with 2 career victories in 15 races.    This is obviously her first child that carries the breeding line of D’Wildcat x Gilded Time x Phone Trick.   Sire D’Wildcat was lightly used in 2018 with 11 horses running but an impressive 63% making it to the winner’s circle which included a stake win.  Tstack is hopeful of meeting this horse after the race in that winner’s circle.

8    15/1

RIVERS RUN DEEP HF was bred by owner Hemarfarms using 5 time winning mare Drunk Paula with this colt being the 8th of her children of which one became a G3 winner.   Many Rivers is the sire for this 2 year old and as a sire, he has found recent luck over the past two years with four bred children winning a stakes race.  Last season, over 62% of the newborn found their way to a victory.

9    212/1

NORMAL PROBLEMS has been entered by owner 11Putts.  This colt is a two year old containing the breeding bloodline of Bethel x Allabutdreams x Catineus.   11Putts is gambling with sire Bethel as he is a first year sire with no proven history as of yet.   Only one of his children have raced this year and finished off the board.   Hopes are out there that this one will surprise.

10   14/1

APHRODITE THRILLER is a “he-mare” bred from retired Epic Thriller who collected 4 wins in 37 lifetime starts.  Owner Thegracie teamed this mare up with sire Cowtown Cat with the mother adding Pulpit x Unbridled’s Song to the back end of the bloodline.   A very nice 63% winning rate for last seasons sired horses.  Cowtown Cat has sired only one G1 and that belongs to Thegracie so will lightning strike twice?

11   14/1

I’M A LADY AGAIN is one of very few flies in the race and is a scratch bred by BigT123.  She is sired by Seek Again with the backside consisting of Zensational x Mr. Prospector.   Seek Again is rather popular with trainers as a sire and is responsible for 84 young ones in 2018 with a current winning percentage of 48%.  Five new breds have raced out of Seek Again with no wins yet in 2019, however, this lady seeks to be the first.

12   24/1

CRUEL MINISTER is bred from mare Snow Princess and is the third child from this lady who collected a nice pot of 9 wins during her racing days.   Owner Bbudgies teamed her up with sire Aldebaran to breed this 2 yo filly.   Aldebaran’s children from last season have won 36% of their starts but going back a year they bump it up to 84%.  The back side of the pedigree has Strategic Prince as the DS and the more powerful Deputy Minister as the DDS.   It’s possible that sire Aldebaran breeds late bloomers but Bbudgies is betting that the opposite will be true.

13    8/1

NEW YORK CATS represents owner Crawf68 and is the 7th child in the line for mare Nureyev’s Niner, a retired 5 time winner.  Only one of her children has achieved a victory at the allowance level.   This colt will seek a win with the bloodline of Courageous Cat x Forty Niner x Nureyev, relying on the strong back end.  Courageous Cat has had declining usage over resent years however a very nice 71% of the 2018 crop were winners.

14    17/1

SMOKIE SCAT DADDY is bred with the lineage of Conquest Farenheit x Super Saver x Unbridled’s Song.  His mother, Mikes Dream won 8 times over her 35 race career and this is her second child.  There’s not much history behind Conquest Farenheit as he has started his first year as sire and has only two kids, as of this writing, who have hit the track without a win and owner Millerfarm is looking for the first winner to come from their stable.

15   19/1

REINHEITSGEBOT is the 7th child out of Germantown who lays claim to a G3 winning child and another that placed in a grade level race.  This colt is owned by Neonshadow and runs with the Stay Thirsty x Speightstown x Point Given bloodline.    Stay Thirsty has seen diminishing demand for usage as a sire over recent years but sports a respectful 42% winning rate for the breeding class of 2018.

16    30/1

AMERICA IN A BOX is owned by JM23Stable and is bred out of game mare Warrior in a Box who won 12 races over her career and this colt is her third child.   The previous two have been struggling and hopes are that this one will break the trend. The breeding line consists of American Patriot x Warrior’s Reward x Bernardini.   American Patriot as just started his second year as a sire and has one stake winner from the 2018 crop.

17    59/1

EWC LITE THREE follows in the heels of EWC Lite Two who finished second in last years Showcase race for owner Cuetec.   This is a filly bred out of mare Jumping Jones who won only 3 times in 33 starts but found success in the breeding barn with two of seven previously bred children winning a stake race.   This filly has the lineage of Game AP x Smarty Jones x Mining.   Game AP has just started his second year a sire but the first one was a knockout.  105 runners, nearly 82% winning a race and 7 already are stake winners.   The beer cans may be toasting this one after the race!


Pickings are hard with unraced horses so I’m pretty much going with the breeding lines and success of any mares that were used, as well as intuition.  I’ve made 5 picks in this very large field.  Good luck to everyone!

1)      Stay in Cali is the top pick and this filly may topple the boys.  She is out of a G1 winner who has already seen her previous children both win stake races.  This one could eventually be the third.  If she wins, you will need sunglasses as the tote board will be illuminated with big numbers with her at 40/1.

2)      Kash Payment may have the strongest sire in the field with American Pharoah with a solid backend to boot.

3)      EWC Lite Three comes from a mare who has produced a pair of stake winners and is out of a very promising sire.

4)      Aphrodite Thriller is sired by Cowtown Cat and the trainer has had success using this sire in the past.

5)       New York Cats is a hedge play as a selection.  The back end of breeding is impressive however Courageous Cat as a sire is seldom used.   But there may be something to the 70%+ winning percentage from last season where 10 horses bred were winners and 7 of them in allowance.


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