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Feb 162019

The sires the sim forgot or never new existed.

There are many resources out there that give us information on sires. They deal in actual facts and are based on actual results. The criteria Mike uses to rate stallions in the game. They therefore are easy to understand and decipher for us the game player. You would be surprised to read that given some of the insane comments on sire ratings a certain person makes.  There can sometimes be a lag in those results flowing into the sim. If we get ahead of the curve we can make a killing buying shares to use next year before an upgrade at a lower price.

Here are four sires that are far better than most people give them credit and all can be had for well under a 100 credits or bps. They should if bred enough return a few very good results (stakes winners or above) but in general return a very large positive return on breeding points earned during the horses racing sim life versus cost to breed.

If we look at the current northern hemisphere 3yo’s 28 sires have currently had a grade 1 winner in this crop one is dead. Of the other 27 we have 13 who have only one graded winner. This means half have more than this. When breeding we should be looking at sires who have the capability of siring top class horses on a more consistent basis. This group of 14 would be a good sub set to look at. If we break it down a little more here are those with two graded winners all of whom have at least 5 black type performs in the current crop. These should be and are very good sires just the type if you want high level sim success that should be on your sire shopping lists.

The sires by name are Quality Road, No Nay Never, Distorted Humor, War Front and DANDY MAN. Two are established sim A class sires one was given a major sim boost, one most people thought would get it so I suggest is very highly rated. The other is Dandy Man who at the point of writing is on offer for 21 credits and bps.

If we look at his sim rating his few runners are not for the most part well bred. They are though doing what we would expect on the tin being turf sprint horses. That should give confidence to people breeding they will do what you expect them to do. Especially if bred to mares who were turf sprinters. His stud fee was raised in 2019. If he was not upgraded this year and results continue in the same upward curve he will be next year. Those 21 points will then be very well spent. He has large crops of better bred horses flowing through in real life so it is hard to see his results falling off in a spectacular fashion the opposite is probably true.

The next sire is based in South Africa TWICE OVER. He was a top class racehorse for many years. It is really amazing that a horse so sound reliable and top class over many seasons could not find a place at stud in Europe. It probably speaks volumes about the mentality of real life racehorse breeders. The narrow minded stupidity they have has effects on what the sim player has to use and potential outcomes. Thankful someone in South Africa had sense. The good thing for the sim is we have a player with great knowledge and common sense that provides Mike with data on a factual basis. This means that South African based sires will be rated according to actual facts which is good when placing reliance on data.

Twice Over had a champion horse in his first bunce of 3yo’s. The real life offspring from what I can see are doing what you would expect. Improving with age and wanting at 6-10f to show their best ability. That is always a positive factor when using a stallion as it helps in selecting breeding partners.  He has sired graded winners and stakes winners in the sim. There is no reason to believe that he cannot still do this. The only downside to South African horses against several years ago is that ever since a certain Godolphin trainer got caught drugging his horses which lead to a ban on the import on steroids in the UAE the trainer who had most of those South African horses who excelled has had a sharp reversal in fortunes. I do not know if this could have an adverse effect on sim rating of South African horses though TRC ratings show them on Timeform rating to be doing ok still although a step below top class.  The trainer has also had certain accusations thrown at him in his homeland that if true would be disgusting to say the least.

Our third entrant is CITYSCAPE he was a really good racehorse who probably does not get the credit he deserved. Injured on hard ground being pushed to race in a classic then given time to recover turned into a top class racehorse. Another bred by Juddmonte as if we need to see how effect and brilliant that operation is. He I very similar in fact to Twice Over and it is no surprise he is exceed expectations. The mares he has been bred to are terrible yet his percentage of stakes horses and stakes included graded winners are very impressive. He is now attracting better mares in larger quantities. Expect his results to improve in time.

The fact his sire is Selkirk is a positive an excellent broodmare sire and his fillies are doing well on the track. They are improving with age as his profile suggest and are mainly proficient around the 7-9f range which again is what you would expect from breeding and his race record.

He has thrown a stakes winner in the sim from limited chances.  I would be surprised if he was not revised and given some form of uplift for 2019 he is obvious capable of decent result for a cost price of less than 30 points.

The last sire is probably the hardest to evaluate MULTIDIMENSIONAL he is based in India and has been one of the best sires in the region since he started. His main rival is the imported Excellent Art who basically was a sire capable of getting a few stakes winners and the odd graded horses. In India he is top class see how often these turn up in pedigrees of top horses.

We can also gauge Indian form based on the horses that sometimes run in the UAE they tend to fit into the class structure of Excellent Art and his runners in Europe. The sim has a good idea of what the horse’s worth is. It appears this sire is capable of producing horses of this ability level looking at his sim results given the right level of support. At his price he like the others offers value for money.

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