Feb 202019

Last week we discussed how a farm with a large broodmare band to support young sires can make a difference in a stallion’s career. One point mentioned was how outside breeders often are attracted to freshman studs but interest wanes in subsequent years until a sire’s first foals hit the sales ring or the racetrack. Farms that have the mares to buoy a stallion through those lean years can make a big difference. This week Alan Porter over at the Blood Horse wrote an article discussing this phenomenon in reference to Super Saver. You can read it here and I highly recommend you do.


One sire I wanted to reference in relation to this phenomenon is Dialed In. He received a solid book of mares in his first season at stud resulting in 97 named foals. But his numbers quickly dropped – his second crop consisted of 68 foals and his third only 50. Dialed In entered the stallion market at a fee of $7,500 but in 2017 it went up to $15,000 after he was the leading freshman sire of 2016. In 2018 his fee went up to $25,000 where it remains for 2019. The farm that stands him, Darby Dan is advertising that he covered over 400 mares in 2017 and 2018 combined. Interest from outside breeders certainly increased when they saw what his foals did.


In Dialed In’s case his first crop, born in 2014 has continued to perform into their four year old season, keeping his name in the news (two of his first crop runners finished second in Breeders’ Cup races last fall including his best runner, Gunnevara). His second crop also included a graded stakes winner, The Tabulator who raced well in 2018. His 2016 foals were only two year olds last season and, as expected with only half of the foals he’d produced in 2014 the season was a little quiet although he did get exciting group two placed Pocket Dynamo from that crop.


So now what? With around 200 two year olds conceived at a price double his initial fee beginning their careers this year one would assume we will be hearing a lot more from this young sire. And with the same number of foals starting conceived at a $25,000 fee selling in the major yearling sales this year and racing next year the future looks bright for Dialed In.


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