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Being a freelancer, I hopped a plane & headed West young man, to the street car capitol of the World, San Francisco, for the G3  Felipe Alou Stakes.

After having to stop for a tour of Alcatraz, I headed to the track, to do some digging up of videos, past performances, and race times, doing some math on potential SP’s, race times, etc. and came out with a better perpective than when I came in.


California (CA)
Sunday, March 10, 2019 — 2:30:00 PM EST | Race ID : 2194786
Grade II / Group 2 Race Route Division Dirt Race 3 Year Old Race Race Open to All Sexes
Felipe Alou Stakes
Grade II / Group 2*CPU – Purse : $375,000
Restricted to 3 Year Olds
8.5 Furlongs | ~1700 Meters | One Mile and One Sixteenths Fast Dirt



Looking over his past few races, makes me think this colt needs a break to mature and rest. His last 2 starts he has been in against a tougher class, but there isn’t much relief for him in this field. I think this horse will struggle to keep pace here.

2. ESKY IMPACT (17-1)

I think this colt is a fine colt, but would be better matched in an allowance race, where he can mature, get better SPs, and slowly develop in to a nice stakes horse for the summer. He too will be battling for the tail end of the group.

3. SERVE IN HONOR (12-1)

Flying through a 6F Maiden win at 1:10.83 & an SP of 88, and his 2nd race, an allowance race where he finished 2nd with a 92 SP, and a huge jump to 98 SP over 8F in 1:35.75 with a win. If he can make another step up like his last one, it’s not out of the question for him to completely shock the favorites in this 1.


Watching this colt’s last race on video,  his 10th place looks better than it does on paper. This is a chase horse, that simply ran out of room to chase the leaders, and weren’t as good as the deep closers that passed him. Unfortunately, he isn’t getting a class break here, in against a tough crowd.


Looking over this horse’s past races, I can see this gelding has never raced further than 8F, and at 8F, the field was coming fast at him. Going 8.5 here, I wouldn’t expect a lot.

6. SNIPER’S VIEW (9-10)

In his last outing, this colt was 3rd in the G3 Risen Star, putting up a 102SP, and running 8.5F in 1:41.95, along with a 2nd 2 starts back over 8F in 1:35.76, making this a logical bottom ender in my Superfecta combo.


Breaking it’s Maiden 2 starts ago at 8.5F with a 97SP & breaking a 101 SP in his next outing in an allowance race, winning with ease, makes this horse a good bet for your $$ at 8-1 ML. If I could bet here, I’d want to ask the trainer if he is sharp, and if so, I’d be laying my Roll out! At least a minor piece!


Oooh, White Lightning! Definitely a key player here. This Frankel colt has a win in a stakes race, and a 2nd place where he put up an impressive 103SP. This horse could be on his way to  fame and Fortune! Key him with others.

9. DANCER’S CATS (14-1)

This colt has had some success in G3 before, but that was against a much easier field than he faces here. I can’t see this horse making it much further than 6th or 7th, but this is horse racing, and anything can happen on any given day!

10. ZOR EL (11-1)

This bay colt by Curlin is progressing very nice as a 3YO, and will definitely use this race as a testing ground, showing a 94 SP in a $75000 allowance race. He needs a bit of a jump to match strides with this group, however, as this will be his toughest match.


First off, I’d like to say Well Done to PASOROBLES as a trainer for bringing this horse along in the same manner as  a real trainer would. This horse was brought up through Maiden, allowances, small stakes, and bigger stakes are sure to follow. 1st in G3 at 9F in 1:48. I’m a longshots kind of guy, and this horse will probably keep me

12.DONOVAN’S DIAL (12-1)

I was very interested by this colt, as he showed a 6F stakes win, with a 93 SP. But after seeing his last race out, am completely shocked he didn’t end up with a better SP, where at the wire, he was coming back to the leaders. 8.5F will do this horse some good, but is still in tough here.

13. RACE A ANGEL (9-1)

This colt has the breeding, a 101 SP win in a stakes, and looks for another step up here if he wishes to get a piece. Others are faster, but could hit the bottom of your Superfectas.

14. ONE SCOTCH (25-1)

I am sad to say, but this colt will need more than 1 scotch to get pumped up for this race. Looking further, this horse needs a cheap allowance race, not a stakes. He will likely be last across the wire.


That’s the way I see ‘em!

My Superfecta wager would be as follows





My Live Longshot bet $20 WPS #7

Let’s hope something sticks, or it’ll be a boxcar ride home to Canada!

McAllister Out!!


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  8 Responses to “The “Roulette Wheel” Stops In San Francisco To Honor Baseballer Felipe Alou In The G3 Felipe Alou Stakes.”

  1. Good initial offering, enjoyed the write up, never an easy task to cover a 14 horse field. My colt Zor El had a great run now he has the points to enter one of the major Derby preps so I get to be a daydream believer for the Bluegrass Derby for the next month.

  2. Nice write up. I used to be a beat writer for the BTB way back when. Pasorobles is one of mine, hoping I can get a good run out of Awesomely here, and maybe aim him at a Derby prep.

  3. Thanks for doing a write-up, was glad to see that a race with a big impact on the Bluegrass Derby was covered. My horse DONOVAN’S DIAL is most likely a sprinter, but he’s my only shot at the Bluegrass so I am taking a chance…these opportunities are so few and far between…thanks again…well done and welcome aboard.

  4. Very nice maiden breaker! Keep up the good work.

  5. Good job bud! You will hone this craft with start out articles like this.

  6. Welcome to the BTB!

    Good start and I agree with your comment on things to add next time.

    I think it’s great that a lot of our new players are working at the BTB office. What a great way to earn a few credits and learn about the game. Keep up the good work all of you!!!!!


  7. I am my own critic, I should have added OWNER/TRAINER/ BREEDER categories to give credit to this, my next 1 will have. Also will have further insight on similar bred siblings, and how they have done.

    Thanks to the BTB Crew for publishing my work. As I learn, my previews, and other articles will get better!