The Challenge Week 11

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Mar 182019

This week was a struggle.  After having nice outcomes last week, things were a bit slower this week, despite having four runners and the sire cards we are collecting were not as impressive as last week.

I made an adjustment to SKORPIOVENATOR who had been set at 46 for early speed, and I believe that was the speed setting the previous owner had established.  After two races for the stable with 6th place and 2nd place finishes, I reset the early speed to 60.  The 9/5 mare was the favorite in a 6f dirt race for local breds in a claiming race with a $5,000 tag which returned her to the claiming class after going a distance of 8.25f in the starter allowance last week.   The mare took to a fifth spot in the field of 10 in the first half of the race.  She put in a lukewarm effort and finished third.  The effort wasn’t much as she only gained a little over a length in the second half of the race and produced a speed of 89 which was a drop from 91 last week and 95 the week before.   But we did get 2 sire cards, both being G-cards (and as a reminder to readers, I’ve allocated the first cards flipped on a day that horses from Thechallenge2 stable race to belong to this stable).   Also, 15 BP’s came our way.   I’ve opted to bump her early speed setting upward and next start to 70.

CHUANDONGOELURUS was added to the stable last month and picked up for a tag price of $5,000 and a second place finish.  Placing him into a race was tough this week and he ended up racing in a $60,000 starter allowance going a 9f distance.   He also joined the stable with a pre-estblished early speed setting, this one being 49 which seemed to be working.   Anyway, he ran his second fastest speed of his career, notching a 98 speed but finished fourth in the field and a long 7 strides behind the winner.  He was pretty much out of his class and shipping costs consumed all of the BP’s that could have been collected.  We did get an F-card for our troubles.  I’ll be searching for a much softer spot for him next outing, but getting the 2nd fastest speed of his career is encouraging.

I’ll be letting go of a long, long time horse, BABS SEEKING LUCK.  He has been with Thechallenge2 stable since it was created last year.   This week, he finished sixth in a $4,000 claiming race going a long route of 11 furlongs.  I’ll admit that the distance was much longer than he really cares for, so that is on me.   It’s time to open up the slight for better possibilities as he’s been off the board in three of his last four.   Over his long stay with the stable he has 15 races and a record of 2-2-4, not the most spectacular record but we enjoyed him during his stay.  Overall, he collected 134 BP’s for the stable (none from this race).  As a final fairwell, he departs leaving a G-card in his shadows.

The bright light highlight for the week came from ANCESTRY NULL who entered with a three race win streak (two with the stable) and raced in the same conditions and same track as his prior start.  In UAE, she took on a distance of 8.25f on the dirt with the $7,500 starter allowance grouping.  She kept her slow start style going as she fell to the rear of the smaller 5-horse field.   A nine length deficit by the half  was very manageable for her as she cut this gap in half by the three-quarters pole and the even-money favorite had no issue getting to the top and taking the win by more than a length and popping a 100 speed in the process.   Her win streak extends to four in a row and three of the races were speed of 100 or greater.  Two G-cards were pulled from the deck and as for BP’s, 25 were handed our way.


So that is it for the racers and it’s time to fill the opening left by Babs Seeking Luck.  Coming out of the farm is DUNCAN BIRD who was bred by trading in low-end sire cards (gaining us Danbird) and we retired a mare (Dancinduncankieth).  This filly has been a surprise winning 3 of 7 starts.  She is in no way a standout, with speeds barely touching 70, but we ain’t crying.  She’ll train for a start in a few weeks.

We wrap the week up with 40 BP’s bringing the total on hand to 702.   5 G-sire cards were picked and I traded them in for an F-card to go along with the other F-card we picked this week.   The total cards on hand are 1-D, 4-E, 3-F and 3-G.

Next week looks like a lack of runners as I’ve given the horses an extra week of rest.  I’ve generally been racing every three weeks, more frequently than my other stables but I have a challenge to achieve.   There are three horses remaining at the farm and I may be looking for a more upscale claiming horse since there are over 700 BP’s on hand and we can afford something higher end and possibly pull something that can be an allowance runner.

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