The Challenge – Week 13

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Mar 312019

After a week off Thechallenge2 stable returned to action with a trio of racers.  During the week off, two new horses were picked up and added via claims with the pocketbook opened up for one of the claimers.

The cheapie of the two horses claimed was TETE BISMARK who has raced primarily on the turf but has also done well on the few dirt appearances this 6 year old gelding has raced.  He was acquired for $2,000 and 4 BP’s after finishing third on the turf on a wet track.   He was at a deep discounted price, dropping down from the $100k claimers and is fully capable of hitting 100+ speeds.   With the cheap claiming race, he’s eligible for the low-end starter allowances and that may be a place to start him off, although I’m intrigued to test him on the dirt again as he’s been restricted to turf for the past two years.

I drained out some of the sim-kash during the stables off week to the tune of $50,000 which also zapped 100 BP’s away to acquire STELLAR SPRINTER.  The 5 year old has won 15 out of 22 starts and won the 7.5f race I claimed him from with a speed of 108.   The drop into claimers followed a pair of 6th place finishes in allowance races.  Between 2017 and 2018 he won 9 straight races and has a long record of shooting speeds over 100.   He’s also now eligible for the starter allowance events and that is the place where most of his wins came from in that long win streak which is an obvious target to pursue.

Both horses are currently parked at the farm and I’m eager to move either one of them up when there is room in the stable.   Now on to this weeks runners and it came with fantastic results!

FROST ADVISORY, a horse that was bred with sire cards to a retired mare came through with her third career win.  She’s really not that much to look at, but somehow finds a way to score.  After winning on the dirt earlier in March, I moved her to the turf for a tryout in a 6f, $12,500 claiming race which moved her up in the claiming ladder as well as in distance.  She settled for the fifth spot early on in the 7-horse field and quickly moved up at the half and left the field behind in the stretch to cross the line on top by more than 2 strides.   She was the co-favorite at 3/1 in the field and the win got us 2 sire cards, one was an F, the other a G and coming with those was 37 BP’s.

THIRSTY ARCHIE was also a c0-favorite at 3/1 odds.   Back in February, I moved him to the turf for his first grass race after having 34 dirt runs.  He stayed on the grass this week stayed at the KY track in a $3,500 claiming race at 5.5f.   This early speedster got into a brief battle early on but broke away  to a comfy 2 stride advantage at the head of the stretch.  He cruised to the wire to win by 3/4-stride, pretty similar to his previous start.  He has a three race win streak going.    In total, he has finished first or second in 7 of 8 races for the stable.   The larger 10 horse field enabled us to select 3 sire cards and we got the bum run with all three being G’s.   But the 25 BP’s for the win is welcomed and he has now accumulated 154 for the stable.

VYZA FRANCE was the third horse to run this week for the stable and was the third winner, making a clean sweep for the week!   Vyza continues on a streak of first and second finishes which dates back to May of 2018 and prior to having ownership of her.  Three races back I moved her to the turf where she rarely raced previously.  This week was on a 7f distance in another low end $3,500 claiming event.   She took a stalking second spot, a good length to two off the leader and pulled the lever just past the half and set course to the wire where she was 2 strides better than the rest of the runners.  Not bad for the 5/2 second choice who also received 3 sire cards in the 8-horse field.  Unfortunately they were all G’s.   15 BP’s were also earned in the race.

This weeks totals are 77 BP’s from our three winners and 1-F and 6-G sire cards.  I’ve exchanged 5 G-cards upward for another F which gives 2F’s and 1G at the conclusion of the week.

Now for some fun.  I’ve added those to other cards the stable has which totals:

1-D,   4-E,  5-F  and 1-G

Trading the 5-F cards up for a new E card will give us 5 E cards.  So we’ll trade those in for a D-card which concludes the week with:

2-D, 1-G.   Nice to lighten the card load.  As for the BP’s, the total dropped from the claims made but was offset by the nice 77 gained this week and the stable has 675 as of this writing.    Four horses are eligible to race this week and crossing my fingers for another successful run!

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