Apr 282019
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
BRUTAL LIE golfteam 4yo+ G1 – The Good Day NONE
SUP BRO nuthouse 3yo+ G1 – The Champions Mile Empire State Racing
DEEP HIT huginn 3yo+ G2 – The Frisco Mile All-Stars Racing
VAN PEKAYS reteps 4yo+ G2 – Unthinkable Stakes All-Stars Racing
OASIS KING lazysranch 3yo G2 – Germany 1000 Guineas NONE
ROYAL NAVY SHIP theduke96 4yo+ G2 – The Ted Nugent Classic Empire State Racing
ALMOST TERMINAL icbomber10 4yo+ G2 – The Clubhouse Stakes GR Simsters
HENTY AGILITY chatham01 3yo G2 – The German 2000 Guineas MIDAS
SIMULATED DREAMS toosharp 3yo G3 – The Vanguard All-Stars Racing
LAST WEEK FIGHTS raynham 4yo+ G3 – The French Alley Empire State Racing
BRUT FORCE minegold 3yo+ G3 – The Chasing Carl NONE
TIZ FORTY BERNARD dkstables27 4yo+ G3 – Mohammed Ali Stakes NONE
SHAMANDA JANE rtstables 3yo+ G3 – Fus Gonner Handicap Queensland Racecourse
SERVE IN HONOR revnhusker 3yo G3 – Chief Snow Handicap DelPenn National
HUMORESQUE aces1211 3yo G3 – Warfare Farm Stakes Empire State Racing
ROULETTE FRENZY roulette 3yo+ G3 – The Wilshire Boulevard Empire State Racing
GRAVITY FIGHTER scorehobby7 4yo+ G3 – Tabitha Bewitched Stakes All-Stars Racing
SHARK TANK EVIL stupor1 3yo G3 – Danish 1000 Guineas GR Simsters
TURN EM’ LOOSE sunrise 3yo G3 – Danish 2000 Guineas Empire State Racing
HOT AND HERMAN avasheen 4yo+ G3 – The Honey Do GR Simsters
ALIWISHES CADET creamsoda 3yo+ G3 – The Chester West Handicap Empire State Racing
ALTARED STATES chibound2 3yo+ G3 – Soupy Sails Classic Great Plains Residency 2011
EXTREME SEEKER maghie 2yo G3 – Arizona Shoot-Out Special MIDAS
WHERETHEROADGOES supapogs4 3yo+ G3 – Chaucer Gold Cup GR Simsters
EMBRACE THE HUNT deyoto6 4yo+ G3 – The Olympic Torch MIDAS
RYANS CHOICE rarerug 3yo G3 – The Tetris Stakes Universal Racing Club

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