May 052019

Race 1 – 4.5F Dirt – Open - Race ID : 2258208

BKR WHITE MUZZLE broke to the early lead, setting the pace for the first half before fading away.
LANZAFUEGO stalked the leaders out of the gate, and pulled ahead going into the stretch.
RETERN looked to close down the stretch, but was unable to make up ground on 
LANZAFUEGO who went on to take the race.

Two of the eight runners appear to have been claimed from this field, LANZAFUEGO and FIRST TRAVELER.

Race 2 – 4.5F Turf – Open - Race ID : 2258209

SUPER SLOWNESS lead for the first half of the race before remembering his name and stalling as the field entered final stretch.
WEGUNNABELUCKY and PHILOSOPHICAL POET sat just off the pace until the final stretch when they jumped past the leader.
PHILOSOPHICAL POET had more gas in the tank and broke out to a clear lead down the stretch.

Two of the six runners were claimed from this field, PHILOSOPHICAL POET and DAY OF A CAT.

Race 3 – 4.5F Dirt – Fillies - Race ID : 2258210

ADMIRAL APPLE jumped to the lead for the first half, but was unable to hold on down the stretch falling just out of the money.
STRONG VISION sat just off the lead, and pushed ahead of the leader entering the stretch.
RIVER QUESTS attempted to close the gap down the stretch but was unable to make up ground on STRONG VISION who took the race.

RIVER QUESTS was the only filly claimed in this field.

Race 4 – 4.5F Turf – Fillies - Race ID : 2258212

BK CSABA jumped out to an early lead and managed to hold off the stalkers down the stretch.
ADMIRE MOI and MENITA came on strong down the stretch, and ADMIRE MOI managed to take the lead by a head.

MENITA was the only filly claimed in this field.

King (or Queen) Of The Hill

68.215 - PHILOSOPHICAL POET – May 2019 – obliterated (Master – nextbonus )
64.229 - LANZAFUEGO – May 2019 - jockeyrobledo0 (Master - jockeyrobledo )
63.631 - WEGUNNABELUCKY – May 2019 - obliterated (Master - nextbonus )
59.886 - STRONG VISION – May 2019 - acdc4life (Master – redcheats )
57.347 - ADMIRE MOI – May 2019 - millionaire (Master – redcheats )


nextbonus – 300 Credits (Dirt Open, Turf Open, King of The Hill)
redcheats – 200 Credits (Dirt Fillies, Turf Fillies)

Next Up – June 5th

The races are up, lets see if PHILOSOPHICAL POET can hold his spot as King of The Hill, or will there be a new top SP?

4.5F Dirt – Open – 2258205
4.5F Dirt – Fillies – 2258206
4.5F Turf – Open – 2258204
4.5F Turf – Fillies – 2258203

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  3 Responses to “Hump Day Breeding Series – May 2019 Results”

  1. If anyone wants a beerkeg contest turf male, I put three in the auction. Needed a filly but no luck. Take a look!

    AUS obliterated 2 Male 0 0 0 0 $0 Unraced

    IRE obliterated 2 Male 0 0 0 0 $0 Unraced

    NM obliterated 2 Male 0 0 0 0 $0 Unraced

  2. Thanks for the contest. See you in June with a new batch of runners.