May 122019
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
MAMBO DAY ROCK bansteadmanor 3yo G1 – The French 1000 Guineas European Union Racing
CAFE FLIRT eminc4 3yo G1 – The Italian Derby Blazing Saddles
EARTH IS FLAT redhill24 3yo G1 – The Saint Larry Blazing Saddles
WAR MUSCLES scoregon4 4yo+ G2 – The Delta Republic All-Stars Racing
LEVER ZERRETT 00cencallmoney 3yo G2 – The Derby Stud Trail Racing HQ
MENZIES CENTRE liam20 4yo+ G2 – Rising Sun Spring Cup GR Simsters
MIHALI lawdro 3yo G2 – The Dante’s Inferno NONE
APATHETIC GURU asrdistorted 2yo G2 – HAPPY MOTHERS DAY All-Stars Racing
MOONSHOT PAYOUT mtk76hold 3yo G3 – Great Fiddle Sticks Handicap Blazing Saddles
FORLI’S ACT radetzkybreds4 3yo+ G3 – VIC-20 Sprint South Africa Racing
GAELIC CHAMP atw0 3yo+ G3 – The Charted Well EWC
TANNACHY ormax 3yo G3 – The Vase Of Chester EWC
GIANT’S KASHWAY kashbarn2 4yo+ G3 – The Oh Henry EWC
DANZING GIANT harrylanlow33 3yo G3 – Go For Broke Stakes Elite Racing Club
ATHLETIC MOTION itsagthing 3yo+ G3 – Cubic Zirconia Path Stakes Universal Racing Club
THE THIRD BRIDE waremblem5 3yo G3 – The Miss Stallion Universal Racing Club
IDEAL MATCH futurestar 3yo G3 – The Great Woman Pastures of Green
THE ASTRONOMER aalex311 3yo+ G3 – The Bad Things Mile Universal Racing Club
BEND THE KNEE redhill21 3yo+ G3 – The Gallery Handicap Blazing Saddles
GIBSON silversun14 3yo+ G3 – The Billy Donald GR Simsters
OUR WILD ROVER madhouse6 3yo+ G3 – The Houdini All-Stars Racing
THE FAITH MILITANT fairhaven3 3yo G3 – The Lazaro GR Simsters
WITH INDY deeprock33 2yo G3 – Unusual Circumstances Juvenile Empire State Racing
KEN BOSWELL nymets73 3yo+ G3 – Ferry Dust Handicap EWC
GURKHA’S BEAR bestobene5 3yo G3 – The Adorable European Union Racing
CLOWN SCIENCE nepenthe23 3yo+ G3 – Perfectionistic Handicap Universal Racing Club
MAIZE BARBARA zbarb1 3yo G3 – The Selena Pastures of Green
JAZZ MENTALITY tseals14 3yo+ G3 – Port Marshua Handicap NONE

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