The Challenge – Week 19

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May 122019

Hard to believe we are already 19 weeks into this year’s challenge series.  The goal this year is to obtain as many cards as possible, upgrade to the next level when we can and try to get a decent sire share to breed with.  Along the way we have been accumulating a quantity of BP’s that can be used to build the back end of whatever sire share we end up with to create a new horse.  Right now the back end part (DS and DDS) are looking like they will be stronger than the cards are pointing to.  Right now we have a pair of D’s as the top card which can get us a sire share.  Heck, we can get two shares as we possess 2 E cards.  But the quality will most likely be poor, so we trudge forward with three runner this week, all hitting the board.

First out of the gate this week was THIRSTY ARCHIE, a gelding that we’ve had since claiming him last September.   This past February, he was moved from the dirt for the first time (after 34 starts on the soil) to tryout the turf.  After winning on the lawn, he has stayed there and won four straight coming into this week.   Staying with what has worked lately, he was placed into a 5.5 furlong starter allowance with a $15,000 tag.  He scooted out of the gate and got into a front end battle and was determined to be the top dog.  That determination eventually would bite him on his dog tail as he burnt up considerable energy and could not last there.  He had enough left to finish third in the 12 horse field and ended his win streak.  Still, third is fine and 93 speed was not so bad.   Obtained 15 BP’s and a pair of sire cards which flipped to be an F-card and a G-card.  Finally, something better than a G…last two weeks were nothing but G’s!

FROST ADVISORY is a filly that was bred last year by the stable by trading in sire cards and using a mare that was retired from the stable.  She entered her 7th race and while not a monster in the game, she has earned her meal ticket so far.    Finishing off the board in her last start, which was a distance of a  mile and her first try in the route arena.  This week it was back to the sprints with a distance of 6 furlongs and ran on the turf (she has done well on both surfaces).  As the 2/1 favorite, she go away second and made a slow and steady progression to the top and won by half a stride.  The 82 speed in the $12,5000 claiming (NW4L) was decent for the three year old and she collected her fourth career win.   The seven horse field allowed us to pick only two sire cards.   Both were G-cards but 37 BP’s were very nice to pick up.  Frosty Advisory will be sent to the farm for a rest as she exited the event in “Needs Extended Rest”.

Wrapping up the week, VYZA FRANCE was placed into a mini-4.5 furlong sprint in the starter allowance class.  She has been very hot finishing first or second dating back to May, 2017 in every start, which predates our ownership of her papers.   Coming into the race, she won back-to-back claiming races and was looking to make a longer streak out of it.    The 1/2 odds on favorite settled a good 2 strides behind the 9/5 second choice and started to move forward after the half but was rather slow in going forward.   She barely got her nose on the line to win the race with a speed of 85 which was much cooler than the 90′s in the prior two starts.   I’m going to send her to the farm for rest break as she probably could use it after the great performance she’s had over the past year.  15 BP’s for the win and a pair of sire cards which landed an E card (much better!) and a G-card.

67 BP’s went into the bank along with one E, one F and 5-G’s.  Trading those G’s in for an F, gives two F’s for the week.  The stable already has 3 F’s on hand, so all 5 will be bumped up for an E.   Total cards for the stable are now 2-D and 4-E.  As for BP’s the stable now has an even 1,000.


Vyza France and Frost Advisory are heading to the farm and shipping into the stable will be RESERVATION FOR ME and SHAUNS STORM.   Reservation for Me has been residing in the farm since February and the six year old has been with the stable for a year now.  He has a record of 4-3-0 over 9 starts with the stable and 19 lifetime wins and earned 142 BP’s for the stable.  I’m looking for a nice return from him, but he is getting older, so we’ll see how much life we can get from him.    As for Shuans Storm, he is also a six year old and dates back to last June with the stable.   Over 10 starts for the stable, his record stands at 2-4-0 and earned 125 BP’s.  Not as stellar as Reservation for me, but has brought home some bacon.

Another trio of racers going this week, which includes first time starter RYZA FRANCE, who is full brother to Vyza France and was donated to the stable by Kyogle.   We’re hoping he has the same talent that his sister does…we’ll get some insight on that starting this week.  Thanks again Kyogle!


2-D, 2-E,3-F and 1-G

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