Jun 172019
Horse Stable Age Race Residency
SEA ESTA GOLD gcliffo36 4yo+ G1 – The Prince Of Whales Racing HQ
HI ALL THE TIME beetees 3yo+ G1 – The Milan Grand Prix All-Stars Racing
SMART EMPIRE dkstables42 3yo+ G1 – The Barry Foster NONE
FRANKEL’S EDGE harrylanexp10 3yo G1 – World Weekly News 2000 Elite Racing Club
BANDITFRANK banditfarm 4yo+ G1 – The Saint Cloud Grand Prix All-Stars Racing
SHARK TANK EVIL stupor1 3yo G1 – The Cremation Stakes GR Simsters
EXTREME SEEKER maghie 2yo G2 – The Why You Buggin Stakes MIDAS
WE LOOK HARD eminc6 3yo G2 – The St. James Tavern Blazing Saddles
ALWAYS AN OPTIMIST chorwon 3yo G2 – The Jefferson Davis EWC
TRASH PANDA desertdog 3yo+ G2 – The Winter Sprint All-Stars Racing
FACTOR gowans3 3yo G2 – The Rippleschip Stakes Blazing Saddles
MONTFLUG mlafort1 4yo+ G2 – The Longstickgoboom Stakes Hoosier Racing
CAINVARBATH stevesim3 3yo G2 – Trial By Night Stakes Queensland Racecourse
REIGN IN SPAIN andermanis 3yo G2 – Princess Cup All-Stars Racing
TEARY EYED FOOL vaguy3 3yo+ G2 – The Epicenter All-Stars Racing
TRYING YOUR BEST amdb 2yo G2 – HAPPY FATHERS DAY Elite Racing Club
LADY LEA newsim 3yo+ G3 – The Morning Julep Empire State Racing
EAGLE REWARD lightng122 2yo G3 – The Triple P Empire State Racing
MOONBEAM OASIS king2001 3yo G3 – Denny Tario Oaks All-Stars Racing
PADDINGTON STATION driveling 4yo+ G3 – The Coupe Racing HQ
RICH AND SASSY canyong8 3yo+ G3 – The Noble Spirit Minnesota Testbarn
DARK KEY tarton16 3yo+ G3 – The CBC Sprint Only Stayers
SHEESCH extras0 3yo+ G3 – The Eastwood Elite Racing Club
ARYA’S LIST vaguy4 3yo+ G3 – The Whole Time All-Stars Racing
CORPORAL SNITZEL nuthouse 3yo G3 – The Queen’s Flower Pot Empire State Racing
BOWLEGGED MULE desertdog11 2yo G3 – Butterfly Futurity All-Stars Racing
STREET MOONLITE tarton23 3yo+ G3 – Vogue Handicap Only Stayers
NIKORA temp3 3yo G3 – Derby de Czech Pastures of Green
TETE HORFZAAG racelord3 3yo G3 – Oaks de Czech European Union Racing

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  5 Responses to “Graded Winners : 6/9/2019 to 6/15/2019”

  1. You have TWO on the list, naskippy.

  2. These errors appear when the horsename has been changed just after breeding.



  3. SHARK TANK EVIL stupor1 3yo G1 – The Cremation Stakes GR Simsters

    Appears the name of the horse is incorrect. But when you click on the horse name it goes to the correct winner who was WIDOW OF JUSTICE.

    Just thought I would share what I think is a possible error.

  4. My first graded stakes win! All hail Montflug, one of the first horses I picked up at auction when I came back to the game a year ago.