Jul 182019

Thanks to all the participants in the second edition of the Hump Day Breeding Series!

The Reigning King and Queen’s of the Hill:

King - 68.215 – PHILOSOPHICAL POET – May 2019 – obliterated (Master – nextbonus )
Queen - 59.886 – STRONG VISION – May 2019 – acdc4life (Master – redcheats )

Both will be hoping their speeds remain on top, as the King/Queen of the Hill at the end of the day will win 200 credits.

Group 1 – Open Dirt – 2 Heats

In the first heat HAWKBILL MOON broke to the lead and didn’t let up taking the field wire to wire with a 63.003 speed.  RYZA MUSTARD attempted to close the gap late, but was unable to catch HAWKBILL MOON.

In the second heat BELIEVE IN MY WING broke to the early lead, MR GUSTAVO sat just off the pace taking the lead coming into the stretch, and then HOLD THE SALSA came right from the back to pull out to the lead right at the wire with a speed of 55.170.

HAWKBILL MOON’s 63.003 speed will take the crown for the Open Dirt class, however does not dethrone PHILOSOPHICAL POET as King of the Hill.

Group 2  Open Turf – 2 Heats

In the first heat DANCE TO THIS SONG broke to the lead, FLAVOUR EIGHT took over at the 3rd call and didn’t let up down the stretch taking the win with a 64.643 speed.

In the second heat BKR SMART ROBIN took the lead out of the gates, HOLY GABRIEL pushed past at the 2nd call and held on into the stretch, WEGUNNABELUCKY closed down the stretch and pulled out to win with a 63.462 speed.

FLAVOUR EIGHT’s 64.643 speed will take the Open Turf class, and comes in ahead of HAWKBILL MOON to take the Overall Open class.  PHILOSOPHICAL POET holds on as King of the Hill to take home the 200 credit prize for his trainer.

Group 3 – Dirty Fillies – 1  Heat

JERSEY SHOBIZ broke to the lead and didn’t hold up taking this field wire to wire with a 60.880 speed.  BALKPIT had stalked just off the pace for the entire race, but was unable to close the gap.

JERSEY SHOBIZ’s speed of 60.880 was good enough to dethrone STRONG VISION as Queen of the Throne.

Group 4 – Turfy Fillies – 1 Heat

MAJESTY IS HOOKED came out of the gates first to take the early lead, by the second call BKR INGOT had pushed ahead into the lead maintaining pace into the stretch, MILLER LIGHT RAIN closed hard from the back of the pack to take the victory with a 60.575 speed.

MILLER LIGHT RAIN finished just behind JERSEY SHOBIZ’s speed of 60.880, and JERSEY SHOBIZ was able to take the Dirty Fillies class, the Overall Fillies class, and the Queen of the Hill.


jwest44 – 400 Credits (Queen of the Hill + Dirtiest  Filly + Overall Filly)
nextbonus – 300 Credits (King of the Hill + Turfiest Filly)
guru – 200 Credits (Open Turf + Overall Open)
redcheats – 100 Credits (Open Dirt)

Next Up – TBD

Sorry for the delay in getting the results posted, I’m not sure when the next set will be hosted, if you’d like to see this continue please leave a comment so I know there’s still interest.


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