Aug 122019

In a visually stunning race featuring a full field of light grey, dark grey, and roan horses, Arrogate proved his dominance among all Unbridled’s Song sons by taking a remarkable six of the top seven places in Saturday’s race. The top 4 slots, led by winner¬†Dania Heaven, were all sons of Arrogate with each colt running well enough to win a MSW. Dania topped the field with an 81 SP, Imbil Gecko, Solid Gate and Arrogant Magpie completing the superfecta all running a 78 or 77. Arrogate daughter Snowbell led the field through the third call before fading. “She ran well putting up a good time (75) that likely would have won against fillies. We’re at the time of year where it’s tough to beat the colts,” said trainer Waremblem.

Avoid the Bern, who finished 5th, and is sired by Graydar, is the lone runner to break up the Arrogate swarm. If this race is any indication, Arrogate stands head and shoulders over the other Unbridled’s Song sons in the current SIM. Perhaps the most remarkable achievement for the stallion is that every one of his 6 runners ran well posting a 75+ SP. A benchmark statement to the breeding community? This is only one race but if this is any indication breeders can approach the large gray with confidence.¬†

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