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Roxyken’s GIANT’S KASH ($11) ran his way into Simulated racing history on Saturday, winning the $3 million, Grade 1 Travelers and quite likely sealing the race for EOY honors in the coveted 3yo dirt route division.

Giant’s Kash has now won the Bluegrass Derby, Eddie Haskell and Travelers. Not only is he by far the likely winner of an EOY award, he is the favorite to win the Horse of the Year. With the win in the Travelers, Giant’s Kash leads the EOY Award Points standings for all divisions with 7.785 million points. Second is Stockswami’s GOLD WAR FRONT with 4.8 million.

Those two are likely to meet in the Breeders Bowl Classic.

In winning the Travelers, Giant’s Kash silenced doubts about whether he could handle the off going. The Travelers was contested over a track labeled “good.” He also held off the wild late challenge of LOGICAL CAUSE, who was running a huge race on the outside.

“Going into the race, I was concerned about his only outcome on an off track which came in the Middle Jewel where he finished fourth and quite a bit off the winner,” Roxy admitted. “I wasn’t sure if it was the wet track he did not like but thought it was more the short two-week gap between starts. Watching the Travelers, he had found a good kick and started to advance at the half. He had a battle with Logical Cause as they ran side by side and I was certain that Logical would over take Giant’s Kash and to see the Giant hit the wire first was rather stunning. When the race was over, I froze for a few moments as I was in disbelieve at what I had witnessed. It took a while for the result to settle in.”

Roxy is understandably not trying to get ahead of himself. He does not want to count his chickens before they hatch.

“Getting an Eclipse award for the 3yo division is always a top acknowledgement to receive,” he said. “Giant’s Kash may have put his hoof on top of the list but there are still four months left in the year and things can always change. Although there aren’t a lot of G1 races out there for 3yo only, there are races available if someone wants to make a move going against older horses. I think the top position will firm up more once the calendar moves past the Breeders’ Bowl races. The Breeders’ is definitely a target race for Giant and it’s a question of going 8f (which Giant has not yet run) or the 10f distance and facing older horses for the first time. Maybe BTB readers can chime in on their thoughts on the distance.

“As for HOY honors, I readily admit that I have avoided looking at the boards on this. I know we have to be in the running and I’ll take your word for it that we are up there. The focus has been working toward the next race. The Horse of the Year is the top of all awards to obtain and whoever ends up winning the award would definitely have a horse with a great racing year. I guess I’m more of a realist knowing that there are still several months in the year to go and lots of things can happen. I’m very happy having a horse in the running for this top honor, which is an achievement in itself. It would be a phenomenal outcome should Giant’s Kash take home this prized award. We’ll find out in a few months.”

In our BTB preview for the Travelers, we asked the question: Is Giant’s Kash a new Sim Iron Horse?

“Of course he is!” Roxy said. “OK, only kidding. I’ll leave the answer to that up to the readers who are welcomed to post there answer to that question. Giant’s Kash loves to win and has guts and desire. With that said, any horse can be beaten on any given day. Four horses have outrun him in G1 competition thus far, but he is a powerhouse to compete against. Heck, I felt blessed to be lucky enough to have two horses in the Bluegrass and watched this one easily take down the other one (who finished last, so that may be a record no one will ever match again…the first and last place finishers in the Derby). If there is an Iron Horse award out there, I would not turn it down.”

Roxy has made quite a few friends over the years, and they were rooting for Giant’s Kash on Saturday.

“We love our fans and supporters out there. The media attention has been growing and we’ll just take that in stride too (as long as it remains positive…lol),” Roxy said. “The Giant is connected to the EWC residency, so it’s nice to share his achievements with our fellow friends at the residency as well as those that were participants at the now defunct Comedy Central. I credit many in the game universe who share their thoughts, knowledge and ideas in various avenues of the game that include the residencies, chat boards, BTB articles and supportive conversations in the chat room. One of which was used with Giant’s Kash where in the chatroom I talked about racing him in the Eddie Haskell but was concerned about the near 2-1/2 month break between races. I think it was Squirrel (and apologize if it was not) that suggested racing in a hot race as a prep to freshen him up. It worked and I greatly appreciate the idea. Not every idea/strategy works for all horses which makes this game a challenge and so much fun.

“Getting a horse like Giant’s Kash is a rarity and I’ve enjoyed the ride so far and look forward to what I hope will be many more memorable races. After the Breeders’ Bowl races, I’ll probably give him a few months off before looking at the 4-year old schedule of races. I again thank everyone for their support and suggestions with this horse as well as many others we talk up in the chat room.”

Congratulations again, Roxy.

Elsewhere in the Travelers, an apology must be issued by this writer to Flagdown, whose Logical Cause ran such a huge race to be second. This writer mistakenly assumed that Logical Cause was in the wrong spot, and boy, was I wrong! Logical Cause ran huge and was gaining on Giant’s Kash at the wire, coming up only 0.16 of a length of winning. Also running a big race was Testbarn’s SCHUMERSHUTDOWN TB, who closed in company with Giant’s Kash to be third.

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  1. congrats to Roxyken nice horse you got..well done Itch love read your article

  2. Nice horse and nice run, roxyken.

    Itch, you did a great job on both the write up and recap. Well, except for the part where you trashed my horse in the initial write-up…lol. Apology accepted. :-)

  3. Great read — thanks itch :)

  4. Congrats to Roxyken. Very nice horse.