Sep 012019

The headline says it all.   Nothing but wins this week!  Four horses entered the gate, four horses crossed the line in first.  It does not get any better than that.  And a bonus win too with a stake win!

Now we’ll look at these winners starting with UNNATURALLY DARK who was extended a half furlong after finishing second in three straight races.   He also notched up from the $2k claiming level to $13,500 and it all added up to a winner.   In the larger 10 horse field he found good placement in the third spot, lying two off the lead in a stalking spot.  He moved up easily to take the lead heading into the final turn and cruised to the line on top by a nice two lengths.  The 7/1 odds made him in outsider in the race and his 104 speed in the race just advances his career record, beating out last  races record setting 103.  15 BP’s and caught 3-G cards.

Bringing in a three race win streak (that was achieved through 3 stables, including TheChallenge2 stable) VYZA BOOTS was looking to add another notch to this streak.  She was placed into a 6.5 furlong race, the same distance that two of the three previous wins were earned and in a $4,000 claiming race.    She saddled into a fourth spot early on, which seems to be her favorite spot and easily took off and by the time the field hit the three-quarter pole, she was within a stride of the lead in the nine horse field.  She powered to the lead and drew off to win by two.  Her speed dropped slightly to 91 from her career best of 96 achieve in her last start, but it really did not to be explosive as she had a decent margin she won by.   The co-favorite in the race took in 22 BP’s and three sire cards, all of these were G’s.

VYZA FRANCE has simply been amazing for the stable.  Who can complain when you pick up a horse and they roll out a record of 8-2-0 in 10 races?   It was a bit of a coincidence that when entering runners this week, I did not notice that VYZA France and Vyza Boots were entered into the same $4,000 claiming race.  Fortunately, the race was over booked and was split into multiple races and they were scheduled into different races.   I generally don’t look at the entries to see the competition.  Anyways, France had a five race win streak on the line  and settled back into fifth when the gate doors broke open.   The 3/1 favorite found a hole open and took advantage and sprinted to the lead.  Never looking back, she won by 1-1/2 strides with a 94 speed rating.  It would be interesting to see both of them compete together, but one would have to end their win streak.  Anyways, France got 3 cards, one -F and two G’s along with 15 BP’s.

Finally, onto AP’S GOLDEN MUMMY.  This horse is the product of last years The Challenge series in which BP’s were used to acquire top notch sire shares in American Pharoah, AP Indy and Mr. Prospector.  After winning his last race with a 108 speed, it was time to see what he could do in stake action.  A little challenging in placing him into a field, as he has won two in a row, both at 7-furlongs and I was hoping for something close to that distance.  Longer races were available but the decision was made to compete in the Whatsmyname Dirt Sprint at 5.5 furlongs.   He was the second betting option at 9/2 and this early runner kept pace with the front runner before moving up in the turn to take the lead.  Mummy drew out for a little bit when a late runner gained on him in the stretch but Mummy had enough to hit the wire for his first stake win!  He charted a 107 speed in the event and won by about a half stride.  This is exactly what was hoped for in last year’s challenge series…getting top breeding and producing a stake winner out of it.  a windfall of 35 BP’s were banked with a three sire cards from the 10 horse field flopped as 1-F and 2-G.   And now we have another horse with a nice win streak going (3-in a row!).

Six G-cards were earned and we won’t wait to trade 5 in for an F.  Added to the other two this week nets a total of three.  The total cards now on hand are:  3-D’s, 3-E’s, 3-F’s and one G.   87 BP’s for the week push the banked total to 1,656.

Three runners are planned to go next week.

One question for readers-Do we target another listed stake race for AP’s Golden Mummy or go more aggressive and target a grade stake?

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  2 Responses to “The Challenge – Week 35: Win, Win, Win…and another Win”

  1. Awesome week congrats! Would love to see what Mummy can do at graded :)

  2. It’s a nice problem to have

    Securing the stakes label ensures that his future breeding cost is only 200 credits, so that’s a win

    The question is, do you want to maximize points returns, or see what the horse is capable of? My view is always the latter, but that may conflict with the target of building the accounts. Hang it…go for graded

    On a slightly different note. Now that AP’s has registered that black type win, might it be an idea to quarantine 1200 points to ensure total breeding options are available when his racing days are over? Hopefully this is a long way off

    Congrats on the 4/4 – A great week