Aug 272015

The Sim Bracket Challenge

Ireland (IRE) | August 29, 2015 | 12:50 PM EST | Maiden Allowance
$50,600, 2000 & 10000 Credits | 3-Year-Olds | First Time Starters | 8 Furlongs | Firm Turf

This is a contest hosted by the generous Smokeglack, where the faster winner of the two divisions will win 10,000 credits (with the slower winner getting 2,000). Forty Thirty-eight entrants, two divisions, three year old first time starters, 10,000 credits up for grabs, let’s do this!

Division A (the Ace Of Spades Division):

   1a    HENLOPEN CADET is by CAPE CROSS, a capable sire with an 82% winner rate, but 32% currently this year adding DANZIG to his 5x chart. His dam-sire is the good DYNAFORMER, ranked 25 in the DS ratings and used quite possibly the best sire ever, NORTHER DANCER as a DDS. This makes for a strong turf router and this horse has a good chance too. So far, a great competition. This is Cadet’s entry. He’s 13-1.

|  2a  |CHAPARRAL HANOVER is my own entrant, and the first time I’m writing about one of my own horses. I used a S/DS combo that worked for me recently, and am hoping it will work again. I started with HIGH CHAPARRAL, a sire which has done well twice for me so far, and has a 81% winners rate adding SADLER’S WELLS and KRIS to this colt’s lineage. His dam-sire is RAHY, who is capable and good with turf routers, and I’m hoping he can help me out again, also giving a BLUSHING GROOM bloodline. I used DANSILI for a DDS who is another great turf sire and I think he can help out this breeding, also adding DANEHILL and DANZIG. I know this one isn’t stellar, but he has a good chance. He’s 22-1.

   3a     C’MERE STAY is by STAY GOLD, who shows a 70% winners from starters rate all-time but a much lower 38% this year. He’s a turf router by SUNDAY SILENCE. The dam-sire is EL PRADO, who is scoring well as a DS- his winners-runners percentage is 81%, and is by SADLER’S WELLS. Finally the DDS of this filly is MILL REEF, a stallion we’ll see a lot as a DDS in this contest. This filly is Beisbol’s entrant and is 19-1.

   4a    DINO ZOFFY is of an interesting breed. By ZOFFANY who is currently only 100 credits and a 27% yearly win rate but has DANSILI, MACHIAVELLIAN and MR. PROSPECTOR with the DS of THEATRICAL almost at 1000c who adds NUREYEV and NORTHERN DANCER. KRIS is the DDS who is also at 100c for the DDS usage. This colt doesn’t look like a chalk but definitely has potential and very few nicks. This is
Kimugle’s entry and is the longest shot of 60-1.

   5a    GIGGLING GAL has an interesting mix of EXCELEBRATION, LYPHARD (DS) and DUBAWI (DDS). EXCELEBRATION has to offer a decent 46% winner rating this year as a third year sire. As a DS LYPHARD has an 80% winners from runners percentage but also adds NORTHERN DANCER in the third column. Finally DUBAWI is the eighth ranked 2015 sire and should help in adding a little spice to the breeding. This is Handshobby’s bid and looks okay. This filly is 16-1.

   6a    EVERYDAY EDDIE is no everyday horse. His sire is GALILEO, who has been fantastic up until now. He is having a slow start in 2015 at a 35% winner percentage, but does add a few great stallions in SADLER’S WELLS, NORTHERN DANCER and MR. PROSPECTOR. The dam-sire slot gives him a Rasmussen Factor in SPECIAL (4Sx5D) (correct me if I’m wrong) and that DS is KINGMAMBO. An 89% winner rate as a dam-sire and again adds more great horses (along with several nicks) including RAISE A NATIVE and NUREYEV (not including the nicked sires). As a DDS Russrob has chosen DANEHILL, which strengthens the turf breeding and looks good on paper, as well as adding DANZIG to the lineage. He’s 9-1.

   7a    MEZTLI VABEE is by SAVABEEL who has a 41% rate this year- not the best of all entrants but still okay. More importantly his bloodline includes ZABEEL, who was a fantastic Sim sire in his day. In the dam-sire category this filly gets LYPHARD, a good DS with an 80% winner from starter rating, and also gives him a closer NORTHERN DANCER relation. Finally, MILL REEF completes this filly, who was a good horse and is another turf router. This one could be a surprise if he wins at 14-1 for Daniel.

   8a    DUBAI ODDYSEY is another colt by HIGH CHAPARRAL. He adds a few good bloodlines and his starters win at a 81% clip all-time. As a dam-sire Gcliffo adds DUBAI MILLENIUM, adding a little more turf and distance, also offering SEEKING THE GOLD and a 79% progeny winning rate as a DS. IRISH RIVER is the dam-dam-sire who is still a nice horse and again adds more grass potential. Another good entry, he’s 23-1.

   9a    OUR WAY OR DUBAWI is quite obviously by DUBAWI, a great sire who is ranked eighth this year despite his 46% winners rate. For a dam-sire, Steve555 uses DANEHILL, a very good horse with a good percentage, and adds several good horses to the blood including DANZIG and BUCKPASSER. A great completion to the breeding is KINGMAMBO, who needs no introduction. This horse is looking good, and he’s 9-1.

   10a    ORFEVRERIE is by ORFEVRE, a second-year sire who has 23 winners from 62 runners this year (37%) and is only 117 credits at the moment but does give SUNDAY SILENCE to his roots. As a dam-sire Elenalag chooses the strong DUBAI MILLENNIUM, who a 79% winner rate as a dam-sire, and adds NORTHERN DANCER. MR. PROSPECTOR and SEEKING THE GOLD to his colt’s DNA. For a DDS he uses CAERLEON, giving a little more turf route ability, and has NIJINSKY 2ND as his sire. A strong competitor and is 18-1.

  11a   LUCKY KASH is the second GALILEO entrant of this contest. His breeding looks great on paper, and if GALILEO can hold up to his past glories than this is yet another youngster with a shot at the prize. That sire also adds SADLER’S WELLS and MISWAKI His dam-sire, A.P. INDY is one of the best in Sim (and reality for that matter) history. His 89% winners-starters rating is superb but this stallion does have a better likeness to dirt. A. P. INDY also adds SEATTLE SLEW and SECRETARIAT to the pot. As a DDS Kashbarn chose ROBERTO, who was one of the most popular sires in his time. He was extremely successful and even contains the also popular HAIL TO REASON. This colt looks great as well at odds of 9-1.

  12a   TRUST THE PROCESS is definitely one of the favourites in this contest. By the leading 2015 sire GIANT’S CAUSEWAY who gives STORM CAT, RAHY, BLUSHIG GROOM and the great mare MARIAH’S STORM. He uses the sixth rank dam-sire SADLER’S WELLS who adds NORTHERN DANCER and BOLD REASON to his lineage, and using the capable MILL REEF as a dam-dam-sire, he gives Psyduck a great chance to recoup the cost of this horse and possibly more. Foaled in Kentucky he’s a ridiculous 10-1.

  13a   STREETSCAPE is a good entry and actually has a 5Sx4D Rasmussen Factor with NATALMA I believe. By STREET CRY, the top ranked sire of 2014 with an overall 92% winners from starters percentage, this horse actually seems to be more suited for dirt, as we look at the dam-sire of DANZIG who was himself a dirt horse, but still a great horse and still makes this a fantastic filly. Lastly her DDS is SADLER’S WELLS, a great turf horse, but I still think this one would have a natural aptitude for dirt running. If Tenpoint’s turf training has paid off, this one could be dangerous and is 9-1.

  14a   THE AXE FELL has one of the deadliest S/DS combos in the Sim currently. Another favourite by GIANT’S CAUSEWAY with top dam-sire KINGMAMBO (adding MR. PROSPECTOR, great mare MIESQUE, and NUREYEV), and has the talented dam-dam sire DANZIG adding the third NORTHERN DANCER nick. This colt certainly cost a small fortune and gives Masterm a great shot at 10000 credits which may not even cover the cost of this horse. Nevertheless this is another fierce competitor and a favourite at 9-1.

  15a    I MUST BE LONELY is by one of the most popular sires in the challenge HIGH CHAPARRAL, whose horses are winners 81% of the time. The DS is ZABEEL and around three quarters of his fillies’ foals are winners. He’s got the NUREYEV bloodline and is a good turf horse. The DDS is DANEHILL, a very good horse and sire, who helps out any breeding. The filly is 15-1 and is Liam’s bid for the prize.

  16a   GENETICALLY GIFTED is Summerset’s entry, and is name is true to an extent. By LEMON DROP KID, a sire with a 40% winners rate this year, he injects all sorts of great sires into this filly’s ancestry including KINGMAMBO, SEATTLE SLEW and BOLD REASONING, among others. Her dam-sire of DANEHILL (which is still a great horse and sire on his own) adds even more great stallions such as DANZIG and NORTHERN DANCER. Finally her DDS of DYNAFORMER gives her more talent and liking to grass. This one’s sire isn’t the best of the bunch but if he works out, this is yet another good horse. She’s 11-1.

  17a   JULIE VENDREDI represents one of the nine fillies in the race (half and half, actually), and has another good breeding. By DANEHILL DANCER who has a good 78% winner percentage this year, and is a great sire all around. In the dam-sire slot we have MISWAKI, the 33rd ranked DS, but is more than capable and adds MR. PROSPECTOR and BUCKPASSER. Another good turf router and has an 82% winning rate as a DS, he strengths this mix. Newmarket uses BLUSHING GROOM to complete his breeding who was a great horse, and who compliments this horse even more. His odds are 13-1 and, he’s certainly up there with the rest.

  18a   THAT’S CHOICE AS is fueled by popular stallion REDOUTE’S CHOICE who has a 43% winners from starters percentage this year as I’m writing this, which isn’t too bad. He also puts DANEHILL and NIJINSKY 2ND into the bloodline. As a DS, Rharfo chooses the top ranked sire in Sim history- MONSUN. His 75% foal winning rate (DS) is nothing to sneeze at and is another good turf router. He adds very popular German sire KONIGSSTUHL and is a great horse. As a DDS we have MINESHAFT, a great all-around horse and horse of the year 2003. He also adds A. P. INDY and MR. PROSPECTOR into the bloodstream. This is another horse with a great chance at 13-1.

Two entries were not fulfilled.

To be honest, you can probably just roll an 18-sided die and come up with the winner, by here are my Division A selections.
1-   14a   THE AXE FELL
3-   13a   STREETSCAPE

Division B (Ace Of Diamonds Division):

   1b    HICKORY HOLLOW is by top sophomore sire DAWN APPROACH who has an average 51% W/S (I’ll abbreviate winners from starters percentage like this from now on) rate in 2015. CAERLEON is a good turf sire and has a good 80% W/S percentage as a dam’s sire and has the NIJINSKY 2ND pedigree in his veins. The dam-dam-sire is the GOAT, SECRETARIAT, and he was a good broodmare sire, so the hypothetical dam’s dam should be hypothetically good. This one has a fairly risky breeding, but it’ll pay dividends if it works. This one races for Lenny and is 13-1.

|  2b  | THE GOLDEN ROAD looks good with second ranked sire OASIS DREAM as the father, with a 2015 winners percentage of 61%. This one should have some speed as his sire favoured the sprint distance. Again we see SEEKING THE GOLD as the dam-sire, who again adds a good percentage on winners from runners. He adds some distance to the colt, while the DDS STORM CAT adds even more speed to the breeding. Looks like a strong colt, if the animal has the stamina for Pointblank.

   3b    FOR DA SMOKE is racing for Desertdog and is sired by DEHERE, a solid sire with solid stats including a 65% winners from starters percentage so far, and has DEPUTY MINISTER as her sire. The dam-sire of this filly is ZABEEL, who was very good in his day, and still does fairly well as a DS. Finally, the DDS is FASTNET ROCK, a sire who has been good recently. She’s got a dirt-favouring sire, but her breeding is good if this filly turns out to like the grass.

   4b    HIGHONMAMBOSREEF is not only a spectacular name, he also looks like a fierce competitor. By good three-year-old sire HIGH CHAPARRAL, with an 81% W/S rate he’s backed up with legendary stud KINGMAMBO for dam-sire services, with an 89% W/S as a dam-sire. The strong MILL REEF is the DDS and helps this breeding. Not only do I feel sorry for the announcer, I think this one could take down the field. It’s Bbt’s entry and he’s 12-1.

   5b    GILA MONSTER is Roys’ entrant. This colt is ironically bred by his Bird stable and is sired by RAVEN’S PASS. He’s a moderately young stallion with an overall 83% winners from starters rate. Another turf router, he hasn’t been brilliant this year so far, but he’s got ELUSIVE QUALITY as his sire. For the dam-sire Roys chose DANEHILL DANCER who has a 79% on winners from starters which is quality. For the dam-dam-sire is AWESOME AGAIN, an aging but still prominent sire, and despite his dirt roots, I think his talent should help this colt. His sire isn’t the absolute best, but this entry has definite potential. He’s 17-1.

   6b    WEST SIDE KID is the contest owner’s own bid. While he said that he won’t be taking the credits if he wins, let’s review his horse. By STREET CRY, the best sire of 2014, he’s still available for three year old breeding after his passing in September last year. He’s a very strong sire and adds the MACHIAVELLIAN bloodline. In adding NUREYEV as the dam-sire, Smoke added a Rasmussen Factor (4Dx5S) of NATALMA. NUREYEV also obviously adds NORTHERN DANCER into the blood. The dam-dam-sire is super-sire GIANT’S CAUSEWAY, who is a good turf runner and adds STORM CAT, MARIAH’S STORM, and RAHY. This is an overall excellent breeding, and Smoke might possibly win his own challenge. This entrant is 8-1.

   7b    OUTBACK OPALTON is by super-sire SEA THE STARS, ranked third in the active sires list. That alone makes him one of the top entries, and made even better by the dam-sire SADLER’S WELLS, a great turf horse and amazing sire with an 85% W/S percentage. For a DDS, BROAD BRUSH was used, a top sire in his career and had a fantastic racing career. This should be another favourite and he’s 8-1 for Tulloch.

   8b    PETE’S CILLA is another by HIGH CHAPARRAL, who has an 81% W/S rating on average, and produces some nice grass racers. For the DS you’ll find IRISH RIVER, whose W/S rate is 75%, better than as a sire, and is another good distance turf horse. Finally for the DDS is MAJESTIC LIGHT, but simply looks to strengthen the turf aspect of the colt. This equine should be good on the lawn, and his breeding looks pretty good. Pekay’s bid is 27-1.

    9b    CALVES PEN is Given’s entry, and he selects as his sire DANSILI. This sire has had a 90%+ winners percentage since at least 2011, but currently has 55% this year. He’s still very good at producing turf runners and with the addition of SADLER’S WELLS this colt should be even more potent. Finally as a DDS we have KRIS S. who is very capable and strengthens this breeding. He’s 8-1 and looks like one of the top contenders.

  10b   ESPRIT WELLS is another pretty interesting one. By BEL ESPRIT, sire of the spectacular BLACK CAVIAR, a mainly mixed sire but generally favours turf routers in the Sim and has a 73 W/S rate overall, but only a 29% this year. Followed up with amazing grass sire SADLER’S WELLS, this could make for a deadly combo and with the good addition of HABITAT (the 43rd ranked DS), this one looks like feast or famine.He’s 15-1 and is the entry for Quilly.

  11b   DARK NUMEROUS is a filly with a curious pedigree, starting with GOLD ALLURE as the sire, with a less than stellar 42% W/S digit. He’s got some speed, and is backed up with distance from KAYF TARA in the DS spot, with a 62% W/S percent, and does have a SADLER’S WELLS bloodline in him. The DDS is NUMEROUS, adding a little more speed and the good MR. PROSPECTOR bloodline. I’m not sure about this filly, but she has a few good bloodlines and this breeding could pay off. Lightng99 owns this filly at 56-1.

  12b    UNREDOUTABLE is obviously by REDOUTE’S CHOICE, a popular sire with an 84% winners from starters percentage while he does have a smaller 44% rating this year. Jacklad uses the great SEEKING THE GOLD, who has an 89% winning progeny rate and is good for distance. With the addition of NIJINSKY 2ND, a Rasmussen factor of 5Sx5D has been created with NATALMA, however it also creates many more nicks. This horse looks like yet another worthy contender, and he’s 8-1.

   13b   ROCKY RAINBOW is by FASTNET ROCK, where his starters are winning at a 44% clip this season, with most of them being turf sprinters. He’s by DANEHILL, a fantastic stud, and is complimented by RAINBOW QUEST, a distance turf runner, and has a W/S percent of 78% and makes quite a few turf route runners as well. ROBELLINO (by ROBERTO) who produced mostly turf routers until 2005 when he was pensioned, and I think helps this breeding a little. Another good one, this is Dhret’s runner.

   14b   TURF TORNADO is looking like one of the top competitors. By very prominent sire SEA THE STARS, this horse has high expectations off the bat, and the name alone should be enough information. The dam-sire only heightens expectations- MONSUN. The great German horse mixes the excellent sire KONIGSSTUHL with MISWAKI and CAPE CROSS. A very potent mix, finished with the strong THEATRICAL, he was a great horse and adds NUREYEV. A definite favourite at 13-1 for Padrebri.

  15b   HI IQ is by third year sire IQBAAL. He’s got four winners from twelve starters this year and a 60% winners from starters percentage all-time. His sire is MEDAGLIA D’ORO and has STORM CAT in him too. Lindsypark uses DANEHILL DANCER for the DS, who is more than capable, and also gives this filly a bit of the DANEHILL bloodline. Finally, the DDS is OASIS DREAM, the second ranked sire of 2015. This adds a little speed and also some DANZIG and MILL REEF. This isn’t one of the best this contest has to offer, but he still has a shot. I’m interested to see what she can do and she’s 27-1.

  16b   RHYTHMICALLY is by TEOFILO, who winners from starters rate is a good 82%, and Canyongate hopes he can get one first time out. TEOFILO only has 31% this year but has GALILEO, DANEHILL and the dam FAIRY BRIDGE. For a DS we have DANEHILL DANCER, and I similarly covered him for GILA MONSTER, and I don’t wish to be more repetitive as I am being already. A great way to cap off a breeding, we have KINGMAMBO, a legendary sire in sim history and strengthens any breeding in any position. This could be a good one but it’s up to how TEOFILO did- the rest is great. This filly is 10-1.

  17b   GETTING IN DEEP as you may have guessed by the name was sired by DEEP IMPACT, a reputable stallion with the SUNDAY SILENCE bloodline and an overall 88% S/W percentage with a 44% this year. The dam-sire is MACHIAVELLIAN, a good sire and good turf runner, and boasts an 81% W/S rate as a dam-sire. Finally the DDS is the great NORTHERN DANCER, who needs no introduction and caps off a turf horse nicely. This colt tries to get Desperado the cash, and looks okay at 12-1.

  18b   DESTINATION FIRST is Crandy’s entrant, and is by CAPE CROSS, an elderly but still capable sire. He only has 32% winners this year, but he could certainly have produced a good foal here. The dam-sire is DUBAI DESTINATION who sports an above averge 65% winners from starters rate as a dam-sire, and I think he compliments this breeding. He also adds KINGMAMBO and his bloodline. Lastly, the dam’s dam-sire is NUREYEV, who does create a 3Dx5D nick of himself and 4Sx4D nick of NORTHERN DANCER. Nevertheless he is a great racehorse and I think does good for this colt. This is another good one and can be the winner at a huge 33-1.

(Two entries not entered).

Again, you can probably just throw an 18-sided die, but here they are-
2-   14b   TURF TORNADO
3-    6b   WEST SIDE KID



I probably made a few mistakes and feel free to correct them, but please forgive me as I had to start writing on Tuesday to make sure I got this done. And yes I’m aware this isn’t how the 1/1a-2/2b-3/3c system works but I thought it was a good idea. Good luck all.

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